The Left’s ultimate aim – the “policeman in our heads”

A question – what do the Navy SEALS facing court marshal for their “abuse” of a detainee and the average conservative American have in common? Besides an abiding love for our country and a willingness to fight for it?

Some months ago I read an article in National Review authored by Otto Reich. Mr. Reich served as assistant secretary of state and special envoy for Western Hemisphere affairs under Pres. George W. Bush, and is president of Otto Reich Associates. He and his family fled Cuba in 1960, eighteen months after Castro seized power. He is unapologetic in his hatred of dictators, and as a result, he is despised by the left. He wrote this particular article about the conditions in Cuba, and one paragraph jumped off the page:

After 50 years, Cubans are convinced that the government surveillance system, Orwell’s Big Brother put into practice, is so effective that it knows even what they are thinking. Though Orwell’s books are banned in Cuba (they are far too close to reality for Castro’s comfort), Cubans have another name for Big Brother. They call it “the policeman in the head,” the most pernicious kind of mind control: self-censorship, the fear that leads to intellectual paralysis and prevents a citizen from even thinking thoughts that could be deemed counterrevolutionary, leading him to jail or worse.

After reading that, it became clear to me that the main objective of the left is making space in our heads for this Policeman. The success of the disjointed, warped, ever changing and mostly implausible belief system they lay claim to depends on his presence. He lives in their head, and they want him in ours. The Policeman thrives in this climate of political correctness, destroying the reputation of anyone who has ever said anything that may even hint of racism. He darkly warns of “violence” when he speaks of Tea Parties or Sarah Palin rallies, he calls anyone who dares challenge him “dangerous”, and he has made the worship of the earth the law for us all.

The presence of The Policeman causes us to hesitate, doubt ourselves, stop, and avoid. He makes real discussion impossible while crying out that we are cowards because we shy away from the conversation. He badgers us into changing our lives because of the climate while hiding the supporting data. He is the Prince of Dithering, he excuses the broken window and the one who breaks it while hounding anyone who tries to fix it, and no one is exceptional because we are all equal under his law.

The worst thing that could possibly happen has happened, aided and abetted by Barack Obama and his army of lemmings. The Policeman has taken up residence in the military. The last noble warriors on earth now must stop and hesistate and debate, when doing that compromises their mission and will most certainly cost them their lives. The ultimate goal of the left has seeped in to the last stronghold of self-reliance, and four Navy SEALS find themselves at his mercy, and the mercy of those who have invited him in. Haditha and Abu Gharib and every other false accusation, from “baby killers” in Vietnam to Tailhook to “abusers” in Iraq have finally opened the last steel door, which may never again be shut. The left will cry out at the failure of the CIA and the FBI and the armed forces to protect us, while their Policeman puts up the Gorelick wall and prosecutes our interrogators.

This is about control and conformity, it is about having things both ways, and we need to call it what it is when we see it and resist it until the bitter end.

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