In which the left will whine that I compare Democrats to Al Qaeda and Republicans / business to the Clinton administration

I must say that I am still stunned at what passed for a State Of The Union address last night. It was at once condescending, haughty, bizarre, foolish, delusional and stupid. The president knows just enough to make him very, very dangerous, and if anyone still believes he is a serious person after last night, they are complete idiots. He isn’t a serious person, but he is a serious threat.

A while back, a group called Al Qaeda declared war on America. The people in charge at that time, the Clintons and their administration, really didn’t pay much attention. Oh, it was a nuisance alright – a bomb in Kenya here, a hole in a Navy vessel there – but it really didn’t hit their radar. We can all get along – right? They are just thugs, and no real threat. Dealing with it was messy and uncomfortable, people might be upset, and it may interfere with all the harmony and prosperity and good stuff that was going on. They decided to basically ignore the declaration, and I don’t need to remind anyone what eventually happened.

Barack Obama and the other Socialists (by the way, does the question “Is Obama a Socialist?” even need to be asked any more?) have declared war on anyone that stands in their way. In a section of the speech that was stunning to everyone who was listening, Obama even went after the Supreme Court. They were a convenient target for Obama, because out of respect for tradition they could not, and cannot, respond to his outright lies about their most recent decision. They are basically defenseless, just the way Obama likes it. He is a real tough guy when his target can’t hit back.

If Republicans do not believe they are not square in the crosshairs of this declaration and struggle, they are wrong. If they believe they can give an inch in the name of “bipartisanship” and have it turn out well, they are wrong. If they believe the personal relationships they have built in their years in Washington will yield anything but a knife in the ribs from the Democrats, they are wrong. They are targets, personally and professionally, and there is a well-financed and smoothly running industry on the left dedicated to their personal destruction. If anyone is on the side of freedom, capitalism and the constitution, they are the Enemy.

We need to understand that it only takes one side to declare and fully carry out a war. This was the fundamental misunderstanding of the Clinton administration, and it is the fundamental misunderstanding of Republicans in Washington and around the country. We are in a figurative war with Democrats, whether we want to be or not, and whether we like it or not. We are either with them, or against them. It is as simple as that, and it applies whether you are a Mom home schooling your kids, a voucher wielding escapee from the D.C. school system or the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Of The United States.

If anyone who has the audacity to make a profit in this world doubts that Obama is coming after them, they have their heads in the sand as much as Sandy Berger did. If anyone dares believe that they are better off without government intervention in their lives, they are on the wrong side of this administration. If anyone believes that if they take one dime from the government and can then live their lives as they please, they are sadly mistaken. Obama and his troopers have demonized group after group, industry after industry, and person after person after person who dares stand in their way. If you are not a trial lawyer, government worker, Democrat operative or union member, you fall into this category.

I wonder what it will take for us all – businesses, home schoolers, bankers, doctors, capitalists, Americans – to realize that they regard us as enemies? ALL of us? I wonder what it will take for us to realize that if we remain outside of the control of government, and are not properly assimilated, we are a threat, both collectively and as individuals? When will we realize that when they say “governable” they mean “controllable”? Will it take the social equivalent of the collapse of the Towers? A cap and trade bill that cripples our nation in the name of a hoax? A government run health care system that will allow the tentacles of government to reach into our lives, our habits, our diet and our homes in a way we cannot imagine? Goverment agencies that have been given the authority to interfere in the most basic guarantees of the Constitution? All of the above?

Am I comparing Democrats and Obama to terrorists? NO. If a lefty draws that conclusion they need to begin the process of understanding why they think it applies to them.

Is there a reason businesspeople read Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War?  YES. Because there are corollaries between real battles on real battlefields, and figurative battles on figurative battlefields. Tactics, strategy and mercilessness. Understanding your competitor, and understanding those who aim to harm you to a point just short of death.

I watched the speech last night, and the main point I got from it is that we need to completely understand that we are in very, very serious trouble as a country. We need to understand that the people in charge do not mean to fix things, they mean to control things. We need to wage the battle around the water coolers, in our schools and in elections all across this country. We can be happy warriors, but we need to understand that we are still warriors. So very, very much depends on it, and we are the last line of defense.

UPDATED: And we most certainly need to get involved in our local GOP organizations as precinct captains, and take this thing back one step at a time, from the ground up. Thanks for the reminder Cold Warrior, and thanks to Martin Knight and all the other advocates of this grassroots involvement.

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