I need HELP – people around here are acting irrationally

And by “here”, I mean North Carolina, where I live, and Virginia, where I travel. My wife is actually one of these people. She is at the grocery store, “stocking up”. She wants me to split some wood, and get the propane tank filled, and park the car at the top of the hill. She’s not the only one – the grocery store is jam packed. There are trucks putting “brine” on the roads. No one is making plans for tomorrow. We may not even plan on going to church Sunday.

Right now it is partly cloudy, about 35 degrees, and everything is fine. I don’t know what is going on. But let’s change the subject (sorta) for one paragraph.

You may have heard about some of Barack Obama’s remarks to the attendees at the GOP retreat in Baltimore. He gave the amount of job losses in December of 2009, and asked if the attendees thought his policies were the cause. He gave the figures for January 2010, and asked the same question.

Here is the answer to both questions.

My wife, and many others like her, are doing the only rational thing that can be done – they are preparing for a storm they know is coming. It may be moderate, it may be severe, but we know for a fact that it is on its way, and it would be foolish not to be prepared. As the caretakers for our family, it is our responsibility to do so.

Barry, after the November election business people across this country knew a storm was coming. Every prediction they were planning on back then has come true now. There has been a war on American business, from banks to pharmaceutical companies to oil companies to S corporations down the block. To paraphrase a movie, they knew you were a comin’, and hell was comin’ with you.

The caretakers of business prepared for the Obama storm by laying off or firing hundreds of thousands of workers, because they know when Democrats are in charge of the White House and Congress, taxpayers and businesses are square on the enemies list. Consumers prepared by cleaning up their balance sheets as best they could and eliminating consumption. So don’t act like you just landed on earth. People who earn their living planning for the future planned for your arrival, and the jobs that were lost are absolutely, directly related to you.

Just statin’ the facts.

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