Some thoughts prior to a break

I am going on a little sabbatical for several weeks. I need to work on some charitable obligations I have taken on, my present occupation, my career path, and how my temperament manifests itself, sometimes in that order and sometimes not, and would appreciate your prayers. Especially the temperament thing.

I wanted to share some random thoughts before I go:

– I am proud to report that over the holidays, I lost or didn’t gain 45 pounds. I think I’ll go have some chocolate cake to celebrate.

– Every time Obama blabs “if we hadn’t done “X” there would have been catastrophe” I am reminded of the rooster who firmly believed that his crowing was what made the sun come up.

– On “Fox News Sunday” last weekend, Senator Evan Bayh was asked where the terrorist trials should be held. He replied:

Look, I think we ought to have three criteria. Number one, where can we try them safely? Where can we try them quickly? And where can we try them inexpensively? I’m for whichever venue accomplishes those things.

Hmmm….OK….how about Guantanamo Bay, Senator?

– As Erick rightly pointed out yesterday, Pam and Tim Tebow have finally rooted the pro-abortion crowd from their foul nests. There is nothing pro-“choice” about them at all. “Choice” would make sure adoption facilities are located next to Planned Parenthood clinics. “Choice” would insist parents know when their 14 year-old daughter was planning on having an abortion so they can fulfill their roles as parents by helping her sort through the decision. “Choice” would show women the ultrasound so they would know exactly what would be filling the medical waste bin after the “procedure”.

If one is pro-abortion, fine, but at least call it what it is. And for an old Seminole to turn into a Tebow fan, something mighty has happened indeed.

– And while I am on the subject, we all have heard the obnoxious line, “we want to make abortions safe, legal and rare.” If abortion isn’t really a big deal, why bother trying to make them rare? I think it is high time the same people who attempted to excoriate Pam Tebow were made to answer that question, and if they answer honestly I hope they are ready to work with us to achieve the goal they parrot so often.

– Liberals can’t figure out traffic problems in New York or L.A., parking problems on major college campuses or submit a federal budget that is within $1 trillion dollars of being balanced, but they can change the temperature of the earth.


– The AP is peddling a story that insists that the Christmas Bomber is singing like a canary, proof positive that Obama’s method of interrogation is superior to Bush’s. The narrative is full of lies – vaguely suggesting that every prisoner under the Bush Administration was waterboarded when only three were, or that the interrogations were always harsh, for example. Putting aside for a moment exactly what this particular bomber could know about higher-ups in Al Qaeda, the story also mentioned that the interrogators were getting help from the boy’s family, who have been flown in. I would be willing to bet that the “help” was to let the bomber see his family (without their knowledge), then explain that “we have them – do you want to talk now?”, although I am sure we will never know.

– Toyota is finding out pretty quickly exactly what kind of competitor the federal government is going to be. Unfortunately, because of Cash For Clunkers, thousands of former GM owners are finding out what a pleasure Toyotas are to own, gas pedal problems or no gas pedal problems. Obama’s administration is as inept as it is ill-intentioned, so it looks like a wash for now. For now.

Go GOP. See you all soon.

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