From Kent State straight to where we are now – same goal, different tactics (part 2)

Kent State was an odd place to incite riots, but many believe it was because the campus was idyllic, and calm, and that the local police and sheriff had no way to handle the influx of leftists who would radicalize the student body. It was also a very short distance from a prominent SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) chapter in Cleveland. In reality, the location was perfect – close to Cleveland, a great place to stretch something until it breaks – then see what happens. If they get arrested, they’re victims. If they get beaten, they’re victims. If they get shot…well, we erect monuments and write songs and talk about it forever. That would be the jackpot for the leftists, and they could tell the families of the victims that they had sacrficed for a cause greater than themselves. The left needs victims, because the facts are not on their side.

Writing for NPR, Phil Caputo describes how he heard of Kent State while working in Chicago:

The disturbances in Kent had grown serious over the weekend. Store windows had been smashed in town, radicals had burned down the ROTC building, firemen had been driven off by mobs slashing hoses and throwing stones, and the Kent city police were unable to cope with the situation. The Ohio National Guard had been ordered in and were now occupying the university.

That doesn’t sound quite like Martin Luther King or Gandhi if you ask me. But surely the students were already angry, and the SDS, Weathermen and other groups had nothing to do with the ROTC building being burned and other destruction? Mark Maedeker, a student at the time and a member of the ROTC said in an interview:

I never experienced any animosity on campus when I wore my ROTC uniform after drills.  Sometimes I would have to wear my uniform to class after ROTC practice, and nobody ever said anything derogatory to me about it.

I wasn’t there on May 4, 1970, when the radicals got their wish and National Guardsmen, some younger than the students who had been rioting for days, shot at the students, killing four. I don’t know whether someone shot at the Guard, as some have said, whether a shot was fired from a pistol into the air, whether the Guard felt in danger or whether they were just tired of being yelled at and hit by anything the students could throw. I don’t know.

What I do know is that the radicals got their wish. This was not peaceful, it was not civil disobedience, it was lawless and violent, and the SDS, Weathermen, Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman and all the rest had their dead bodies to stand on.

Let me make this very clear. The people who developed and participated and supported this strategy of intimidation and violence and confrontation are in the highest levels of the government of the United States. Their tactics have changed but the goal is the same – to delegitimize their enemies, with the help of their lap dog media friends,  by provoking them into violence. They sent mobs to burn down buildings for their cause, then send out fund raising letters when a lone person throws a rock at a building without even knowing who did it or why.

Their tactics today? Taking taxpayer money to bail out unions at car companies. Don’t like it? Tough. Do something about it.

Helping out their buddies on Wall Street in order to keep the donations flowing. Don’t like it? Tough.

Taking over the health insurance of those of us who have made the right decisions throughout our lives, taxing us and rationing our care while their dream of controlling us takes a giant leap forward. Don’t like it? Don’t protest, because we are ready for you, you violent racist.

Speaking of protesting – took care of that. The DHS said to watch out for your guys – especially the veterans. A little wacky to even serve, then even wackier when they get out, dontcha know.

I could go on and on and on. They have incited this country by keeping their foot on our throats and bearing down, then daring us to try and struggle to our feet. And yet we do not burn down buildings. We do not yell what they accuse us of yelling. We do not destroy property or get arrested. We confuse them because their projection of themselves onto us is not working out, so they struggle to blow any incident out of proportion while ignoring all their side has routinely dished out to Republicans.

They are pros, and they know exactly what they are doing because they have done it so many times before. Will Maxine Waters call it an “uprising”, like the death and destruction in L.A.? I doubt it. But if there is any violence, and I hope there isn’t, they incited it. They caused it. They want it so badly they will do anything to provoke it, and have.

We are not out of the woods. If health care hasn’t torn the country apart enough, they will search for the thing that will. Because when something is torn apart and shattered and weak, it can be replaced with something else – new and shiny and oh so sympathetic to the population.

We have never been in greater danger.

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