We haven’t won a thing yet

Feeling good about the generic ballot showing Republicans way ahead of Democrats? Inspired by the victories of Tea Party backed candidates in GOP primaries? Already practicing saying “Speaker Boehner”?

Not so fast.

Do we really think that a desperate Democrat Party, whose only principle is power, is not going to use every underhanded, sick, unethical trick in its book to retain the House and Senate? If they think 43 seats are in danger, do we think that they won’t cheat in just five, where Democrat appointees and the press are likely to be friendly to their efforts?

Do we really think that a press who is all-in with this failed President and Congress will quit carrying the water for Democrats? Do we believe, for example, that the NYT hatchet job on Rep. Boehner is just coincidence? Now that their enemies are in place and on the ballot, that the onslaught will be half-hearted?

Worse yet, do we really think that the GOP establishment, who has been outed as just another part of the Ruling Class, will get solidly behind the upstart GOP candidates? Or do you believe they will whisper behind the scenes, withhold their money and support and wait for the opportunity to regain power if these candidates should lose?

The Ruling Class, Republicans and Democrats, are in danger. These Ivy-League, self-appointed stewards of our lives have failed miserably and have directed this country into a position from which it will not soon recover. But they will fight for their power and position like cornered animals, because like cornered animals, they simply have no other place to go.

Let me repeat that – they have no other place to go.

If we think our candidate will win by 10 percentage points, we need to make 15 our goal. If we want to get five friends out to vote, make it ten. One night at a phone bank? Make it three. If you live in a safe Democrat district, as I do, make it uncomfortable and close. Make sure the Democrats know that they own this mess, and that you will never go away. Ever.

I follow sports, and can’t tell you how many “sure things” I have watched evaporate like standing water on a summer day. We need to double our efforts, play like we are behind, give no quarter and aim for nothing less than a total repudiation of the Ruling Class and Barack Obama.

Our country is depending on us.

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