Reports of low Democrat turnout are LIES

This will be a brief diary. I have been by our local early voting station a few times, once to vote and twice to cheer on GOP volunteers who are working the polls. There is barely any room to park, no matter what time of day, and turnout is huge. The problem is that this polling place is 95% Democrat.

Democrat poll workers are aggressive, loud and all over the place. The GOP is not well represented because most of us have jobs we are trying to hold. The GOTV effort among Democrats, especially blacks, is well financed and organized, and is bumping against the border of the law if not striding right across it.

Here is what is important – despite the outright harassment, yelling and violations of the 50′ polling place boundary on a routine and regular basis, the veteran poll worker I had the pleasure of speaking with said this, “I give it as much as I take it, but I do it in a nice way. The voters can tell, and they are turned off by bullies. I am nice, but I stand my ground and make sure if anything is going on that shouldn’t be, I let the workers inside know. A lot of people have complained without me going in.”

As I have said before and as Erick noted yesterday, we have not won jack squat. If anyone with conservative leanings is thinking of not voting, don’t let it happen. If you are working in a hostile polling place, stand your ground but act as you would have others act. We are all representing the GOP and candidates, and it is very, very important that we conduct ourselves with that in mind, no matter how difficult it may be.

The wave may be out there, but it has not reached the beach. Now is no friggin’ time to play prevent defense. We fight and fight and fight until the last polling place in the last district in the last state has closed, and then we ready ourselves to fight the fraud that will inevitably follow. The Democrats are scared that the gravy train we have financed for so long is coming to an end, and they will stop at nothing, particularly now.

Don’t let the media, even well intentioned media, set us up for the narrative that if we don’t win 90 seats in the House and take the Senate then Obama’s agenda has been endorsed. Fight until liberalism is on the ash heap of history.

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