Neil Young’s Hybrid Car Starts Fire In Warehouse Storing His Memorabilia

I am not making this up. From Fox News online:

Fire officials in California say a fire at a warehouse that stored memorabilia belonging to Neil Young started in a vintage car the singer had converted into a hybrid vehicle.

Belmont-San Carlos Fire Marshal Jim Palisi told the San Mateo County Times the Nov. 9 fire began in Young’s 1959 Lincoln Continental and spread to the nearby warehouse in the San Francisco Bay area. Young had converted the car to run on batteries and a biodiesel-powered generator as part of his LincVolt project to create the world’s most efficient full-size vehicle.

Young says workers hope the car’s computer will shed light on what caused the vehicle to go up in flames.

Fire crews were able to save about 70 percent of the warehouse’s contents, including other cars and music equipment belonging to Young.

I wonder how much C02 was released into the atmosphere due to this fire? Looks like someone is going to need to buy some carbon credits. Wait – what are ashes made of…?

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