A portion of Bob Etheridge’s (NC-02 Out Of Work) gracious concession speech


Now, the election recount has concluded, and the numbers confirm that despite the incredible support we had – and neither candidate getting to 50% – in the end we came up just a little too short.

The combination of the national tide that swept the country, massive amounts of secret corporate cash funding a campaign of distortions, and dirty politics by Washington, DC partisan operatives was just too much to overcome. But what’s done is done.

I congratulate Mrs. Ellmers and wish her well as she prepares to serve the people of North Carolina’s Second District.

What happened, Mr. Etheridge, is that you followed your party off a cliff by voting for health care, and inspired a political novice who is also a nurse to run against you. What happened, Mr. Etheridge, is that your arrogance and jackassery were finally on full display when you manhandled some college kids who dared ask a simple question of you.

You outspent Renee Ellmers 3-1 in this race and had the power of incumbency and a tailor-made district behind you, and you still lost. Your votes in congress caused the tide that you blame for sweeping you out of office, and the country is better off without you.

Goodbye, and good riddance.

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