I Don’t Need A Hero

We have one.  He mesmerizes his audiences. He wears sunglasses that are cool, his children are beautiful, and he promises that things will be different. He is articulate and charming and forceful and all the things we are looking for. He is Twitter and Google and Facebook and reality TV and the internet and everything new and different and exciting all rolled up into one. His campaign will be flawless and will use every marketing tool and gimmick and ploy under the sun.

He is the miserable failure that is in the White House. His name is Barack Obama.

I don’t need a hero. I need a guy that can throw a strike in Yankee Stadium and stand on the mound like a stone wall while knowing that there might be a rifle trained on him at that very moment. I need a woman who refuses to be cowed by the most vile, sustained personal attacks that could be imagined and still manages to rise every morning to fight the good fight. I need a man who orchestrated a landslide victory in 1994 and wrested power away from a corrupt group of Democrats who had held on to it for decades. I need someone who founded and ran a successful business as a minority, fought cancer and won, and endures the “race traitor” slurs because he knows the man in the White House is not only bad for this country, but bad for his race.

I need an individual who was sharpened by being a Republican in the most liberal area on the planet outside of Europe, and still managed to hold the leftists at bay long enough to bring prosperity to a state who hasn’t had it since. A man who has spent time in business, and turned around things that were left for dead. I need a man who carries a pistol when he walks his dog, and uses it when his dog is attacked. I need someone who is not afraid to talk about Christ, or oil, or prosperity, or the proper role of government in our lives. I need a woman who shows the love of Christ by inviting children into her home, and caring for them until they can find a family of their own. A woman who has been politically successful in a state that also produced the foul Keith Ellison, and is unapologetic in her love of the constitution and this country.

I don’t need some slick teleprompter reader who would see little difference in selling me a Sham-Wow or nationalized health care. I don’t need some damn fool facilitator – in – chief, an articulate hologram. We have one. He is ruining this country. His name is Barack Obama.

When we wait for Reagan to come again, we look as pitiful and foolish as those on the left who pine for the days of the Kennedys and Camelot, and whose hopes rested on a generation that followed who was completely unable to rise to the task.

Give me flawed people. Give me flawed candidates. Give me someone who will fight, and when elected, will cleanse Washington of the trash that has accumulated in every department, every lobbying firm, every street corner and every room of the West Wing. Give me someone who knows the catastrophe that hangs above us, and will do all in their power to deflect it away.

We’ll go to war with who we have. They just need to be who they are.

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