Bob Shieffer – Air Force One Means Obama Can Do Whatever He Wants To Do And Not Get Called On It

We all know the story. Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona (the state being sued by Barack Obama’s Social Justice Department because they dared pass laws which allow them to do what the Feds should be doing) cordially met Barack Obama at the airport during his visit to Arizona. Obama proceeded to give her a condescending lecture on the tarmac over a portrayal of a meeting they had which she included in her recent book. She had described him in the book as condescending and lecturing. Brewer would have none of it, and pushed back against the row that Obama had started, which included pointing at him as he leaned over her, glowering.

So who is the victim and who is the perpetrator? Well, according to Bob Shieffer of CBS News, the victim is poor ‘ol Barack Obama:

This is just another sign of the incivility and really the vulgarity of modern American campaigns. These campaigns have gotten so ugly and so nasty, that they’re now tarnishing the whole system.

I think it also underlines the coarseness of our culture in this age of social media when it is so easy to say anything about anybody and get no penalty for saying it.

The thing that has always made our system so strong is that whatever we have thought of the office holders, we have held the offices themselves in high respect. We have respected the office.

I’ve watched a lot of presidents over the years but I can never recall a president stepping off Air Force One, which is itself a symbol of the presidency and American democracy, and being subject to such rudeness.

I think really we’re a better people than this little incident illustrates.


Actually, Bob, I think we deserve a better President than this little incident illustrates. Barack Obama started it, but he wasn’t able to bully Jan Brewer like he bullies the media into submission. Looks like the description of Obama’s White House as being hostile to women is true, and you and other Obama sycophants should be ashamed that he withers as Assad slaughters his own people but finds his spine when ambushing Jan Brewer.

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