I’m Just Fine With Romney If He Wins

In 2008 I made a terrible mistake. I was so irritated that the GOP had nominated John McCain that I talked him down, barely voted for him and didn’t give him a dime, even after he picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate. He had done as much to hurt the Republican Party as any Democrat, and to think that he actually considered being John Kerry’s VP nominee in 2004 was too much to bear. I’ll pass, I thought. That’ll show ’em.

I was dead wrong. I still cannot stand him, but I was dead wrong.

What we got was a Marxist. A worthless, effete, stuttering fool, who has driven the country into the ground and has set in motion horrible, unknown events that will only completely manifest themselves  in 50 years. A man who has spent us into bankruptcy. A person who was the least qualified person in the history of this country to ever run for President, much less become one.

If he wins the nomination, I’ll vote for Romney, and support him, and give money to him. It’s not his fault that conservatives run twenty three people in the GOP primaries, rip each other to shreds and then wonder why one of us can’t get nominated. It’s not his fault that the patchwork primary system works in his favor, or that “Anybody But Romney” isn’t actually a real person and isn’t on the ballot.

I could stomp and whine and bellyache and stay home. But all I’ll get is four more years of a bowing moron, and that is more than the country can bear. I am shutting my mouth right now, and getting the checks ready to send.

Is Romney a conservative? Nope. Not by a long shot. Is he a Statist? Nope, so he will automatically be an improvement. Will he govern as a conservative? Yep, if Republicans in the House and Senate actually hold his feet to the fire and deliver on their promises to actually cut spending and get this government under control. That’s where the rubber will meet the road. Do you think Barack Obama actually had brains enough to come up with the legislation that he signed? Or even bother to develop a cursory understanding of it? Not a chance. House and Senate, folks. House and Senate.

The simple fact is that conservatives are not yet ready for Presidential leadership. Our bench is getting deeper. More and more of us are involved in the organization of the GOP. The “establishment” is on the run. More of us, including our elected leaders, are able to articulate what we believe. But our entries in 2012 left much to be desired in so many ways, and our resurgence in the party is not yet complete. Simply put, we are four years away.

Mitt Romney will be a placeholder President. I can deal with that. It is better than the alternative. Either he will govern as a conservative of his own free will, be forced to by the House and Senate conservatives, or he won’t and he’ll get primaried. Fine. I’ll take my chances. I’ll take incremental steps toward the ultimate goal, because that is simply what the situation calls for right now.

You know what gets me excited? Sending Barack Obama back to Chicago or Kenya or Hawaii or wherever the hell he comes from, then watching him sulk like a two year old as we dismantle his socialist legacy. You know what else gets me excited? A GOP House and Senate that sends a bill to Romney’s desk killing Obamacare, and the fact that Mitt Romney will sign it. A GOP House and Senate that will balance the budget, complete true health insurance reform, and begin to dismantle the cold, gray bureaucracy that is smothering the country, and knowing that if we do our job there, Mitt Romney will have no choice but to go along.

Mitt Romney’s nomination will be the fault of conservatives who would rather run around beating their chests about who is the “real” conservative than put their egos aside for the good of the party and country, get together and get behind someone who could win. We will deal with that in due time. But right now the house is on fire and it is no time to argue over the color of the drapes. Our only choices now, like it or not, are a crank, an undisciplined fighter, a man who endorsed Arlen Specter and then lost his own Senate seat, and Mitt Romney. Any of the latter three will be fine with me, but it is likely to be Romney.

Ronald Reagan put the GOP and the country on his shoulders and made us all better. He spent a lifetime honing his conservatism, and as a result we really didn’t have to. He spoiled us rotten, and then we squandered what he handed to us on a silver platter like we were trust fund babies, even though he told us we would have to continually fight for our freedom. We didn’t believe him, and only a generation after he finished his last term there is a Marxist in the White House. We deserve what we have gotten, as a party and as a country, and now we are going to have to work together spreading conservatism as hard as he worked at it alone. It won’t be a lightening strike, but a grind. It’s as simple as that. Fine.

If he wins, Romney will either be a conservative or a placeholder. Either one is preferable to Barack Obama. For now.

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