What Erick Forgets

The last few days have been incredible. Instead of focusing on the events surrounding the assassination of Ambassador Stevens – the first to be murdered since our ambassador to Afghanistan was killed under the watchful eye of Jimmy Carter, we’re talking about polls. Instead of focusing on Barack Obama refusing to answer questions about the murder, citing an “ongoing investigation by the FBI”, then finding that no one from the FBI has been to Benghazi- even today – we are fighting amongst ourselves over polling trends and skewed sampling. And instead of understanding what is really going on in the country, with gas double what it was in 2008, household incomes down 8.2% since 2008, GDP revised to a barely-above-recession 1.3% and food inflation out of control, we are giving the Romney campaign advice.

Here is what Erick, and we, forget.

In the swing state of Virginia before Obama, Bob McDonnell beat Creigh Deeds by only 3,000 votes in the race for attorney general. After Obama, he beat Deeds by 300,000 in the race for Governor. Before Obama, the two Senate seats were firmly in Democrat hands. After Obama, one Democrat has suddenly retired and the seat is very much in play.

In the swing state of North Carolina, before Obama Democrats had firm control of the Governor’s mansion and both houses of the legislature. After Obama, the legislature of North Carolina went Republican for the first time since 1898, and the House went Republican for the first time in 112 years. Instead of running for re-election, the governor has “retired”,  the governor prior to her has been indicted, and GOP candidate Pat McCrory is on his way to victory.

In Wisconsin, before Obama, unions had a choke hold on elections and local schools. After Obama, Scott Walker bravely fought off the thugs not once, but twice, dealing both them and MSNBC a blow that they will not recover from and inspiring governors and mayors across the country, both Democrat and Republican, to do the same thing. And when is the last time Hollywood made an anti-union movie?

Did I mention Chris Christie?

Before Obama, unemployment in Ohio was 9% and the state was facing an $8 billion shortfall with no hope. After Obama, GOP governor John Kasich was elected, and unemployment went from 9% to 7.9% in his first year. An $8 billion dollar deficit turned into a balanced budget.

Did I mention Bobby Jindal? Is anyone even running against him in this landslide year for Obama? No? We’re not sure? What?

Marco Rubio is in the swing state of Florida? Think the Hispanics have noticed which party he belongs to?

Hey, what happened in 2010 in the House and Senate? How’d we do?

Is Romney behind? Hell no, he’s not behind. I live in an area of North Carolina which is politically about two inches from North Korea, and you know how many yard signs are in my neighborhood? Two. You know how many there were in 2008? About fifty. You know how many Obama bumper stickers I see when I drive around in North Carolina and Virginia? (and I drive about 48,000 miles a year) I’ll tell you how many – about a tenth of what I saw last year. At the most. You know how many people I can name who voted for Obama in 2008, and are either voting for Romney or not voting at all this year? About twenty. Try THAT for polling data.

Don’t hand me this “Romney’s behind” crap. I heard that Walker was all done and Amendment One didn’t have a chance, too. Oh, it’ll be close. The dependent class will be bused to polls and paid with cigarettes and the military will be disenfranchised at every turn, but DO NOT TELL ME that what happened after Obama doesn’t matter, and it has been forgotten, and that we are all somehow unaware of what is going on every time we get gas or buy milk or pick up our paychecks or drive by a food bank or watch an ambassador being dragged through the streets of Libya. DO NOT pee on my leg and tell me it is raining.

We have an opportunity to elect the perfect person for our times – Mitt Romney. He is a decent man, fit for the job, and will be able to handle the looming disaster Obama has created. He will mop the floor with Obama in the debates, because Obama is a stuttering hologram with no clue as to how to govern. Paul Ryan will make Joe Biden look like the straight jacketed idiot he is, and we will all thank God Almighty that Barack Obama is in good health because having Joe Biden as a President would be only a notch above having a lemur occupy the Oval Office. And a real lemur – not the funny ones in cartoons.

Romney will win. Bank on it. And if he doesn’t, we have much, much bigger problems than we can ever know or probably even solve.

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