One More Post Before A Break

Time to prepare – either for a new addition and renovations to our home, which we have been overdue for, or cancelling that project and focusing on survival. I’ll do both for a while, then pick which one to pursue after November 7th.

I think my suggestion to all of us is to concentrate fully on our own circle of influence. Be happy warriors, but let others know where we stand and why. People seeking venture capital have what they call “elevator pitches” – a sixty second synopsis that can woo an investor if they ever wind up on an elevator together. Here’s mine:

“I understand why people voted for Obama. He promised change. My problem is that the country is more divided, and regardless of what he faced when he took office, his policies have had a terrible effect. Gas and food are much higher, unemployment is still a huge problem, there has been an explosion of people on food stamps and the debt is out of control. Obama doesn’t have any business experience and Romney does. We need this country to get back to work. We just can’t do four more years of the same policies and just hope things get better.”

Have yours ready too.

A couple of other observations:

- It is a shame that the Democrat Party regards children as a Sexually Transmitted Disease. I am glad I belong to the party that regards them as a blessing.

- Obama is the Benjamin Button president. He was elected as if he were a fully tested, elder statesman, and has regressed to a shrill, empty chair. He is the first President who has gotten much, much smaller while in office.

- Obama had his “Mission Accomplished” issue right off the bat, and it is the hallmark of his presidency. It is “Yes We Did”, when in fact he had done and continues to do absolutely nothing that is beneficial for anyone other than his cronies.

Sometimes God’s punishment to a people is to let them have their own way.  I hope it is not that time for us. I will do everything I can to elect Mitt Romney, but understand that it isn’t all up to me. It is time for America to make a decision about what kind of country we are going to become, and time for me to work, and pray, and prepare.

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