If Romney Wins, Expect These Headlines


“Obama Blames Romney “Lies” in First Debate For Loss”

“Matthews Critical But Stable, Maddow Missing, Shultz In Rehab”

“CIA Blows Whistle On Benghazi, Panetta Calls Them ‘Unpatriotic'”

“Park Service Employees Not Needed For Inauguration Clean Up, Tea Party Blamed”

“Golf Courses Prepare For Obama Absence, Look To Borrow To Make Up Shortfall”


“Obama’s Policies Kick In, Economy Turns Around”

“Media Admits To Coddling Obama, Vows To Press Romney”

“Homelessness Decreases Under Romney, Democrats Blame Tent Shortage”

“Will Increase In Optimism, Hope Lead To Disappointment?”


“Economy Surges, Unemployment Down – Another Bubble In The Making?”

“Weiner, Wife Join Muslim Sisterhood”

“Cuba ‘Not All That Great’ Says Maddow Upon Returning”

“Increased Family Incomes Cause Stress, Arguments”


“Unemployment Surges 0.1% to 4.4%”

“Economy Stagnates at 4.6% GDP Growth”

“Low Gas Prices Blamed For Rise In Animals Killed On Road”

“Baumgartner Hits Relic Wind Turbine On Latest Dive, Romney Blamed”

“Krugman Upset About Budget Surpluses, Warns U.S. Not To Pay Off China”


“Egypt Revises Constitution To Reflect Western Values, Ginsberg Decries ‘Terrible Mistake'”

“Iran Admits Nuclear Program Had Duel Use, But Had Planned To Sell Electricity To America If Obama Re-elected”

“U.N. Secretary General Obama Says Wealthy Nations Not Paying ‘Fair Share'”

“Biden Dem Nominee, Picks Bernie Sanders As VP”

“Democrat Base Holes Up In San Fransisco, Begs For Relief From Bankruptcy”

“Mothballed Lenin Statue Moves To Detroit, Remaining Residents Vow To Continue Socialist Policies”


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