One Very Serious Thing For Liberals To Think About As They Gloat

Let’s turn back the clock to 2000 – the election that Al Gore wanted so badly to win.

Let’s ask ourselves a question.

If 9/11 had happened when Al Gore was President, where would the Democrat Party be right now?

Would there even be a Democrat Party, without having George Bush to blame for not “connecting the dots”? Knowing Bill Clinton had Bin Laden in his sights, and let him go?

9/11 is coming again. It is a fiscal 9/11, and there is no one else to blame this time. As a matter of fact, not only have all the dots been connected, we know who drew them. Barack Obama and the Democrats.

It is time for Boehner to sit down, turn on the microphones, and ask every day what the Democrat leaders plan to do. Every day. It’s their country. The party is over, the bill is due, and it’s time for someone to pay. It was the Democrat’s party, and they need to decide how to split the tab.

This time, there is no one else to blame.

Think about it.

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