Congratulations Mr. Obama – Mission Accomplished!

Be careful what you wish for...

For those of us who have not been duped into denying we see what we see and hear what we hear – “Red line? I didn’t draw the red line. The world drew the red line. Is my credibility on the line? No sir – the world’s credibility is on the line.” – we will recall how Barack Obama got elected. He ran his campaign swearing that the first thing he did on his first day in office would be to give the order to withdraw from Iraq.

Err…oops. Seems like that was a little miscalculation, but what the heck – his opposition to war is steadfast and strong. Which gave the terrorists hope. Which cost American lives. Which is the reason that today, Iraq could very well be lost.

The message was clear, though. “I hate war. I won’t commit American resources to some little adventure in the Middle East like the idiot Bush did.”

When the time came for the surge in the “good” war, Afghanistan, Obama dallied, and waited, and studied, and finally committed to a half-surge, just “muscular enough not to be mocked”.

There is another thing Obama promised to do and actually did, although more subtly. All the talk about American Exceptionalism was too much for him to bear. At the NATO Summit in Strasbourg, France, in 2009:

I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.

Again, the message was clear. America is not exceptional. Cool your jets, everyone. We are “just one of 192 countries”. (Remember that one?)

What happened was that Mr. Obama bowed before foreign leaders and apologized for all the terrible things he thought America had done. He returned the Churchill bust, he “reset” relations with Russia and abandoned our allies in Eastern Europe by suddenly halting construction of the promised missile defense system. He subcontracted legislation to Nancy Pelosi between Victory dances (“I won!”) golf outings and vacations.

After his recent speech at the White House telling us all that something must be done in Syria, he demonstrated to us all exactly how serious he was about the situation by immediately hitting the golf course. He then pulled what his sycophants regarded as a brilliant move by subcontracting even the War Powers of the President to Congress, punting the Syrian situation to them by insisting on Congressional approval for any action.

All of this has had a cumulative effect.

No one – not even his own party and certainly not the rest of the world – takes Barack Obama seriously because he is not a serious man. He is flanked by a Secretary of State who rode his three months of service in Vietnam and trashing of the brave men and women who served there into a Senate seat, and thinks that the State Department officials involved in the Benghazi fiasco deserved only a minor reassignment.

Obama has put most of his efforts into emasculating the country abroad and weakening our character at home, and he has succeeded. Now America is rebuked on the world stage by both our friends and enemies. Obama now expects the country and the world to support military action led by a dilettante who has abandoned allies and apologized to tyrants.

Mr. Obama, the reason your proposed action on Syria (whatever that may be today) is not supported is not that the country is war weary. It is that we are being led by a man who does not believe that America has a role as a leader in the world. Who campaigned so viciously and disingenuously against military action that when the time came to count on the support of the Congress, the country and the world for military action, there was none to be had. You already cashed that chip in your zeal to be elected, no matter what the damage to our country.

We don’t trust you, Mr. Obama. We don’t trust your administration. We yearn to help the Syrian people but cannot ignore the fact that you were at Martha’s Vineyard or the golf course as the situation deteriorated to the point of no return – with barely a mention from you, much less any sort of plan. We cannot ignore the fact that you slept while terrorists killed an ambassador and three other Americans who were far braver than you and your Secretary of State could ever imagine, then tried to cover your ineptitude by blaming a You Tube video. Christians have been slaughtered across the world with no mention of the humanitarian crisis of religious and ethnic cleansing it represents, done by those to whom you extended your hand in a pathetic and misguided belief that they would finally listen to someone who wasn’t George Bush and that this would make all the bad feelings go away.

You won’t get your authorization. You do not deserve the authorization. Finally, it is all about you. You think you will have scored a political victory, but this episode will be just one more example of your weakness, incompetence and cowardice which will haunt this country long after you are gone.

Which cannot come soon enough.

Mission accomplished, Barry.



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