They Broke It. They Can Fix It.

It's time for Democrats to face the music alone.

In Obamacare we have a rare opportunity to observe liberalism at its purest and most transparent. The few are benefiting directly because of the pain of the many. There are no agencies to cloak intentions or hide the transfer of wealth that we are witnessing, and no spin can obscure the fact that liberalism is a zero-sum game – for some to benefit, others must be punished. In other words, this is an incredible opportunity for conservatives.

Now is the time to press for the truth.

$2500 in savings for the average family? A lie.

$500 billion in Medicare savings from cutting out waste and fraud? A lie.

The little piece of paper Bart Stupak was waving around the night the vote was taken? A lie.

This monstrosity was designed to be interlocking, so that Democrats could say that getting rid of one part of the law would be getting rid of all of it. That was their intention in order to lock this entitlement in for all eternity. That was when they were confident it would be a success. That was before they read the bill.

They overplayed their hand, and the ironclad law cannot be tweaked, or fixed, or delayed. It has to be repealed in full. The Democrats know that, but they are led by overzealous idiots who would rather the country do down in flames than to have the core of their philosophy be demonstrably proven wrong.

We do not occupy the Oval Office. We are not in control of the Senate. We did not ram this law down the throats of the American people. We did everything we could to spare the country this burden, including taking the blame for shutting down the government, but it did not work. We did not cause this pain, and only a delusional fool would blame us.

The Senate needs to act. Harry Reid has not governed in so long it is unlikely he knows how, but the fact remains that all the bills that defunded Obamacare weren’t even taken up in the Senate.

There cannot be any movement on this issue without Senate Democrats, and there is no fix short of repeal.

They broke it. Let’s see if they have the courage to fix it.

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