Letter to Senator McCain

Dear Senator McCain,

I wish I could say that I’m shocked by the campaign that you’re running, but sadly, I’m not. You are running just the type of campaign so many feared, and in the process serving the country poorly. You are using “honor” in a very strange manner. For all the world, your use of that word seems like a cover for evading the wrath of the elites, lest you dare inform the American people that a totally unfit man is about to be elected President of the United States.

Where is the honor in not fighting to prevent Barak Obama’s election? How is it honorable to make only halting, timid attempts to bring out the truth about this man? How is it honorable not to make a major issue of his support of legalized infanticide? How is it honorable to refuse to take issue with his choosing a paranoid anti-American like Jeremiah Wright for his spiritual mentor? How is it honorable to refuse to inform of the American people of his relationship with a former member of the Weather Underground? How is it honorable to not let the American people aware of his close financial ties to Fannie Mae? How is it honorable to sit back and watch such a man be elected President without doing everything in your power to inform the American people of what they are about to do?

In the eyes of history, will it reflect well on you that you ignored these issues, and decided instead to talk up “change” and your reputation for being a maverick? Will you look clean for having facilitated the media’s attempt to bury the truth about this man? Will you be covered in honor for having campaigned in this way?

Why do I get the impression that I, who was only 12 years old when the Vietnam War ended, feel more outrage than you do over Barak Obama’s affiliation Bill Ayers, a man who violently opposed the American government while you so bravely defended it? Why do you, the candidate endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee, feel no compelling need to highlight Obama’s shocking opposition to the Born Alive Act? Your patriotism is beyond pale, so why do you seem unconcerned with the paranoid anti-American rants of Jeremiah Wright? You have spent a political lifetime fighting against the corrupting influence of money in politics, so why are you so unconcerned about Obama’s financial ties to Fannie Mae?

You had the raw courage it takes to be a naval aviator, you risked your life for your country in the skies over Vietnam, you refused an offer to be sent home and escape the horrors of the Hanoi Hilton, and you endured years of torture with defiance and contempt toward your interrogators. How could you possess such a superabundance of physical courage but seemingly lack the moral courage to defend your country from a frightening extremist? Why were you more willing to endure the horrors of the Hanoi Hilton than you are willing to endure the disapproval of the elites in the media and the Democratic Party? Why does protecting America from Barak Obama seem less important to you than staying on the “A” list at the right dinner parties once the election is over?

You are sinking in the polls, and the hour is late. You are not winning with honor, you are losing with dishonor. But you have one card yet to play, and it is doing the right thing. You must make the case, strongly and repeatedly, in speeches, in debates, in radio commercials, in TV commercials, that Barak Obama is an extreme radical. You must not back down in the face of media condemnation and the disapproval of your friends across the aisle. You must risk the wrath of the “cool kids.” You have squandered so much time that you may not win even if you this. But I believe that you will surely lose if you do not. Honor demands that you take this course of action. It is time to put Country First.

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