Thoughts on David Frum

From his latest Newsweek artile, I glean that Mr. Frum is vying for the highly coveted Strange New Respect award the Left periodically hands out to conservatives who are willing attack their own and gush over the wonders of the opposition.  He attacks Rush Limbaugh for the cardinal sin of wealth earned through hard work and merit rather than through the more honarble and well-tailored path of Barak Obama, who started as a community organizer, then rose by his own merit through the ranks of the Chicago political machine — that paragon of civic virtue — and then topped it off by writing two best-sellers to celebrate his manifold life accomplishments.  Mr. Frum attacks Rush for smoking cigars, unlike the urbane and sophisticated Barak Obama who had to good taste to only dabble in illegal drugs when no one was looking.

And, like all “Strange New Respect” candidates, Mr. Frum urges Republicans to moderate their hard stance on abortion, no doubt to make it more in line with the highly reasonable position of Barak Obama, who only voted three times to deny medical care to premature infants lest the decision of the mother to abort be “complicated.”  As a further example of the urbane, erudite reflection the President has brought to this issue, our Harvard-legal-scholar President has characterized the question of when human beings acquire legal rights as above his pay grade.  Would that Republicans could even dream to match the President for his thoughtfulness, eloquence and moderation on this issue.

Also, Mr. Frum is deeply concerned about the bombastic tone of Rush’s message.  This is in contrast to the trim, well-tailored President Obama, who chose as his spiritual advisor a man who hurled hateful invective at  the United States from the pulpit, expressed glee over 9/11, and accused the US of inventing the Aids virus to perform genocide on the black race.  Our urbane (and have I mentioned how trim he is?) President has also been less than up-front with the truth about his own positions and the positions of his opponents, but what matter is that when you can look that good in a suit?

Perhaps, however, Mr. Frum isn’t looking for a Strange New Respect award.  Flattering your adversaries and denouncing your allies was SOP in the Bush administration, so perhaps Mr. Frum has simply acquired his political savvy from sitting at the feet of the Great Majority Builder himself.

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