A Letter to Our Republican Representatives

The clock is ticking, and the hour is late.  Can’t you see that? 


Don’t you understand what Barak Obama and the Democrats in Congress are trying to do?  Don’t you know they’re trying to roll over our nation and culture in a tsunami of “change,” and leave something unrecognizable in its wake?    Don’t you know you’re in a desperate struggle to preserve those things that make America a special and desirable place to live in?


Why are you only going through the formalities of opposition?  Why are you content with an occasional “no” vote, and maybe a formal letter of concern?  Why are you satisfied with doing the bare minimum to oppose these people?  Don’t you know, and don’t you care, that perfunctory, diminutive opposition is doomed to fail?  Don’t you understand that it is your duty to try as hard as you can to stop the Obama agenda? 


Why aren’t you pouring over the Senate and House rules of order to try to find ways to slow the Obama agenda down?  Why aren’t you trying to find a way to buy some time, to give the American people a chance to wake up?


And why don’t you see that it’s your duty to try to wake the American people up?  You are the ones with the platform that can be used to do that.  For some reason – very strange, given that you are politicians – this task is incredibly uncomfortable and distasteful for you.  But you must do so anyway.  You must make your voices heard, and heard consistently, to try to stop the Obama agenda.  This will require you to do more than having your office occasionally issue a formal policy statement.  You will have to speak out publicly in forums where your message can actually be heard. 


Why is there not a constant stream of Republicans on the floor of the House and Senate expressing outrage over President Obama’s words and actions?  Why are you not denouncing his decision to experiment on human embryos, a scientifically dubious decision that is an affront to the basic dignity of human life?  Why are you not expressing outrage over his trashing of his predecessors overseas, his attacking of the integrity and motives of this country that protected the free world for the better part of a century?  Why are you not denouncing his insulting characterizations of the honorable mission our brave men and women in Iraq are engaged in?  Why are you not screaming at the top of your lungs over the reckless and frightening cuts he’s making in our national defense?  Why are you not boiling over with righteous outrage when the Department of Homeland Security characterizes anyone who disagrees with the Obama agenda as a potential threat to the internal security of our nation?  Why are you not expressing any indignation when President Obama, a man who supported legalized infanticide, puts on airs of moral superiority, and trashes G. W. Bush, by calling mildly aggressive — and highly effective — interrogation techniques a “dark” chapter in our nation’s past?  Why are you not expressing alarm that he has redefined the meaning of  “torture” so that real torture now has no meaningful definition?   Why aren’t you constantly, relentlessly, warning the American people of the debt that’s hanging over the heads of future generations?  Why are you not warning them of the threat that our free-market economy is facing?  Why are you not alerting them to the irreversible loss of personal liberty that socialized medicine portends, and that is perilously close to becoming a reality?


If you used your platform as elected representatives to denounce, loudly and consistently, the actions of the Obama Administration, some of it would start to sink through into the consciousness of the American people.  If you did not let up, even the news media could not totally black it out.  One impassioned speech by one British Tory Party member recently went viral around the world.  Don’t you think that a consistently articulated message from you could produce similar, quite possibly multiple, rhetorical reverberations?


And at any rate, strange and bizarre as it will seem to most of you to hear, the media’s position is not unassailable.  You can challenge it.  It is high time — and maybe even the last possible time – for a direct challenge to be made to their pretensions of objectivity. When they interview you, you are allowed to directly challenge them over what they are asking and what they are reporting.  You must do so.  It is the only way most people will ever learn that they are being mislead, and told selective truths to.  Why are you so afraid to do so?  Are you afraid they’ll stop being so nice to you, and instead you’ll be viciously attacked, ridiculed, misrepresented, ignored?  How could things be any worse if you actually tried to challenge them, in a manner where the American people can see and hear you challenge them?


Why are you not trying harder?  Why do these things that mean so much to your constituents seemingly mean so little to you?  Why did you go into politics, if your goal was only to passively submit to the opposition?  Why do you prefer trying to get along with them, rather than trying as hard as you can to defeat them?  Why do you prefer preserving a mythical collegiality with your opponents, rather than preserving the basic institutions that have made America great?   Are you so overwhelmed by the “cool kids” status of your opponents that you can’t bring yourselves to vigorously challenge them?  Are you afraid they’ll be dissing you when they pass notes to each other on the House floor?  Are you afraid you won’t be allowed to sit at the Cool Kids table in the Capitol cafeteria?  Are you so totally dazzled by the “damn-I’m-groovy” gait of President Obama  when he sachets up to a podium, or bounds down the steps of Air-Force One — in anticipation, no doubt, of yet another “trash America” moment — that standing up to him is simply out of the question?


I repeat, the clock is ticking and the hour is late.  This is your last chance to save America from the Obama agenda.  You owe it to posterity to do more than just go through the motions.  You must actually try to succeed.   In this country’s critical hour, nothing less is acceptable.



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