Why We Are Losing And Will Continue To Lose

I came across this posting by Daniel Foster at NRO, under the heading “Coburn Class”:

“Sen. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.) defended House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from personal attacks at a town hall in Oklahoma:

“While discussing his policy disagreements with Pelosi, Coburn said “she’s a nice lady,” which brought hisses and hoots from the crowd.

“Said Coburn: ‘Come on now. She is nice — how many of you all have met her? She’s a nice person. Just because somebody disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re not a good person… So don’t catch yourself being biased by Fox News that somebody is no good. The people in Washington are good. They just don’t know what they don’t know.’

“Coburn also has an unlikely friendship with President Obama.”

If this is how one of our Republican leaders in the Senate views Nancy Pelosi, then I believe we are in deep trouble, whether or not Republicans regain the majority in an election cycle or two.  After the crooked dealings that Nancy, Harry and Barak engaged in to enact this health care abomination, Nancy’s labeling of Obamacare opponents as “un-American,” Nancy’s lying about briefings she received on CIA interrogation tactics — not to mention Nancy’s support, as a Catholic grandmother, of partial-birth abortion and taxpayer-funded abortions — I would have expected Senator Coburn would see Nancy in a slightly less benign aspect than as a “nice lady.”   That isn’t exactly the way nice ladies are supposed to act.

Further, the above link quotes Coburn as saying the following about Barak Obama:

“I try to write him about every week or two. Write him a note, encourage him. No one has a tougher job than he does… We came into the Senate together, and I just have a lot of admiration for him. I’m 180 degrees from him on policy on most issues. But I think he’s a wonderful man.”

Senator Coburn appears to be of the “collegiality” class of Republicans, and nothing in the last year and a half has phased him.  No matter how terrifying your opponents’ goals are, no matter what deceptions they engage in, no matter what lies and slanders they utter along the way, they are still wonderful men and nice ladies whom you deeply admire, and let’s not let a trivial little dispute over our American way of life get in the way of all that necessary after-hours back-slapping.

I am all for Republicans practicing Christian charity towards Democrats.  However, after all that’s happened, and in light of the dire state the country is in, I do expect Republicans to view Democrats realistically, both in terms of their policies and their character.  This is not a game of cricket (and even at that, a game of cricket where your opponent repeatedly kicked you in the kneecaps to win), where it doesn’t matter who wins or loses as long as we can share a glass of port together in the clubhouse afterward.  This is the long, twilight struggle for the heart and sole of our country, and we are losing, and losing badly, to dishonorable people with dishonorable intentions.  This is not a disagreement over Diet Coke versus Diet Pepsi, this is a disagreement over right and wrong, liberty versus tyranny, justice versus injustice, honor versus dishonor.  And our Republican leaders can’t even muster a righteous indignation over what’s happening, but instead think that we’re just dealing with a nice lady and a wonderful man.

It is also disturbing that this behavior by Senator Coburn in praised by a writer for the premier conservative websites in America.  Conservative pundits should be expecting Republican leaders to be resisting Democrats with more spirited rhetorical weapons than over-the-top flattery.

I would be amazed if leaders showing the “class” of Senator Coburn will ever muster the willpower to overturn Obamacare.  More probable will be a polite, perfunctory attempt to repeal, followed by endless savage attacks from fine ladies and wonderful men, a totally dumbfounded, deer-in-the-headlights response from Republican politicians who can’t believe their friends would turn on them in this way, quickly to be followed by a hasty Republican retreat, and another round of praise by Republicans for their fine Democratic brethren.

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