Eisenstadt outs himself as Palin leaker. Is he a hoax?

Who is this guy, anyway?

Martin Eisenstadt fesses up and identifies himself as the previously unidentified source who told Carl Cameron’s Fox producers that Sarah Palin didn’t know that Africa was a continent. And the real kicker is that he’s says he’s proud of it!

Eisenstadt claims that Palin “acted like a rogue diva and lost John the election.” So much for his credibility. This is at odds with a recent-released Rasmussen poll which reports that 65% of Republican voters say Alaska Governor Sarah Palin helped John McCain’s bid for the White House, and only 20% of them say she harmed the GOP ticket. The report also shows that 91% of Republicans view Gov. Palin favorably, while only 8% have an unfavorable view of Alaska’s governor.

But the real red meat in the Rasmussen report is this:

These findings echo a survey earlier this week which found that Republicans were happier with their vice presidential candidate than with their presidential nominee. Seventy-one percent (71%) said McCain made the right choice by picking Palin as his running mate, while only 65% said the party picked the right nominee for president.

While pondering how a vice presidential nominee who Republican voters liked better than the presidential nominee could have cost that presidential nominee the election, I asked myself another question: Who is this Marty Eisenstadt guy, anyway?

That Mr. Eisenstadt’s name fails to appear on lists of McCain foreign policy advisors published by The Washington Post, Newsweek or The New York Times suggests that he was a relatively minor staff member with the McCain Campaign. Even in a Wikipedia list of the top 35 McCain foreign policy advisors, there is no mention of Mr. Eisenstadt. Gee, what a shocker.

Steve Beigun, the high-level McCain campaign staffer who was charged with briefing Gov. Palin on foreign policy matters, contradicts Eisenstadt’s assertions, saying there’s no way she didn’t know Africa was a continent. You don’t even get out of middle school without a basic working knowledge of world geography.

According to a May 28 post on Eisenstadt’s blog:

I am proud to announce that I recently accepted an offer from the McCain campaign to serve as “a Liaison with the Jewish community” and “foreign policy advisor”. Although I have in the past blamed the McCain campaign staff for dirty tricks against my candidate at the time, Rudolph Giuliani, I have come to recognize the importance of supporting John McCain at this crucial juncture in our country’s history.

So Eisenstadt was “a liaison with the Jewish community”? No wonder Obama won 77% of the Jewish vote! Nice work, Marty.

Also, as a Guiliani supporter before he became a McCain supporter, I trust it’s safe to say that Mr. Eisenstadt is no social conservative. Interesting that the two presidential candidates he chose to support were the least conservative of all the GOP White House hopefuls. No surprise, then, that he found little that suited him in a conservative such as Gov. Sarah Palin.

In his blog post, Eisenstadt blasts Palin for other perceived deficiencies, including “Not knowing the difference between Hezbollah and Hamas.” If true, then she hardly stands alone. That well-known foreign policy expert Joe Biden, who also just happens to be vice-president-elect of the United States, didn’t know the difference between Hezbollah and the nation of Syria.

Bottom line: Marty Eisenstadt was a low-level staffer with the McCain campaign who failed to do what he was hired to do: make the case for McCain with the Jewish community. Now he’s blaming Palin, who scores higher with Republicans than McCain does, for the ticket’s loss. He fails to persuade all but those who are already disposed to believe the smears against Gov. Palin.

Update: And there’s good reason why Marty Eisenstadt’s name doesn’t appear on any of those lists of McCain staffers: he appears to be a hoax.

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– JP

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