Adult film star Stormy Daniels--who for months has been considering a primary challenge to incumbent GOP Senator David Vitter of Lousiana--said today politics is just too sleazy and her expensive for her taste.

"I am not running for the US Senate because I am an adult entertainment star," Daniels said. "I am not running for the US Senate for the same reason that so many dedicated patriots to not run--I can't afford it."

Capitalizing on the news that Republican fundraisers wined and dined would-be donors at a lesbian-themed bondage club, Daniels announced early April that should make a bid for Senate, she would do so as a Republican. The expenditure, over which a senior fundraising aide was fired, was a "frugal investment with a keen eye toward a maximum return," Daniels said.

Daniels supporters created a bare-bones campaign website last May, asking that she "take the senate by Storm." But Daniels' Senate storm, which was from its inception a gimmicky assault on Vitter's now-infamous prostitution scandal, fizzled before it could do any damage to the status quo.

Vitter's campaign raised $1 million in the first quarter, and reports having a little over $5 million in cash on hand as he readies for the midterms.

That Vitter had amassed such a warchest, Daniels said, was the primary deterrent to her nascent bid. "The simple fact that David Vitter has $5 million in his back account pretty much says it all. Against the sheer accumulation of special interest dollars, I have no legitimate means of winning a race for the United States Senate under these circumstances," Daniels statement read. "As a businesswoman, I know that better than anyone."