Arkansas 2nd Congressional District

Arkansas 2nd Congressional District

Arkansas’ 2nd Congressional District is represented by http://www.house.gov/snyder/(D). Not being an Arkansas native I don’t yet understand why a state as red as AR is dominated by Democrats. Vic Snyder is originally from the Left Coast state of Oregon and has a voting record that reflects his Oregonian roots and would make Nancy Pelosi proud.

Our Governor Mike Beebe is a Democrats, both our Senators, Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln, are Democrats, and three of four House members are Democrats.The only Republican is Rep. Boozman of District 3 up in the Fayetteville area of the state, an area dominated by Wal-Mart and its very conservative workforce. I believe the GOP can dominate AR if only it made the attempt. Based on my limited experience with the state’s GOP I would say that they are disorganized, weak, and not much interested in winning elections.

I offered myself as a candidate to run against Vic Snyder this year and exchanged a few e-mails with the party regarding my candidacy but they simply stopped responding to me. I would understand if they found me an unacceptable candidate and had instead found someone else better qualified to run but Vic Snyder wound up with only token opposition from a Green Party candidate. The GOP did not bother to field a candidate.

I currently live in Little Rock but will be starting a new job on 11/24 in Bentonville and have already contacted the http://www.bentongopwing.com/, a truly Conservative organization, and plan to be very involved.

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