Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • Ok, it isn’t exactly rocket science – at a point in time, when the U.S. government is spending billions of dollars to save an industry, it might . . . it just might be wise not to encourage the adoption by individual states of unilateral production standards that will destroy the industry.  But, this rather obvious notion has apparently been lost on the Obama administration, which in its panting effort to placate environmental extremists has asked the EPA to review its policy on permitting individual states variances to adopt their own automobile emission standards.  President Obama, if you persist with this foolishness, you might as well tell GM, Ford and Chrysler to just close their doors and the American consumer that they better get used to foreign automobiles.  This policy position is so amazingly shortsighted that its adoption now reveals a level of policy idiocy that is nearly indescribable.
  • The proposed variances from existing federal standards, referenced immediately above, should be prompting the UAW to scream foul . . . but, the UAW is so blindly appended to the far left extremists in this country, that they have refused to publicly pound the table in frustration over a policy shift that will literally destroy the livelihood of its members in very short order.
  • ALL RNC CHAIRPERSON CANDIDATES – take heed – unless you get to Senate and House Republicans and tell them to acquire vertabrate status and oppose this horrific spending bill, you can bank on many conservatives like me and others on this site telling you to go fly a kite the next time we receive one of your fundraising letters.  If Republicans lose their resolve and rediscover their spaghetti-spined status, I will strongly consider leaving the party and I can safely say that I am not the only one.
  • $825 billion in fictional job-creation spending is APPALLING and any . . . I repeat, ANY Republican voting for this package or for one even remotely like it should be voted out of office in 2010.  Period.  No questions asked and no collecting $200.00 for passing “go.”  There is NOTHING redeeming about this spending package.
  • Do you think that it’s mere coincidence that word leaks this week, as opposed to oh, say, a month ago, that by the end of 2009, Iran will have a nuclear bomb?  You don’t think the Islamofascists in Iran are testing our young president?  And, what’s our President’s response to Al-Arabiya when asked about this?  He waffles, hems and haws and refuses to flat-out declare the American position that a nuclear Iran is unacceptable.  Think about this – when tested with this simple question from an Arab TV network, President Obama blinked.  Now, I ask my question again, do you think it’s mere coincidence that word of the “Iran problem” leaked this week?

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