Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • You live by the sword, you die by the sword.  Right, Nancy?  I don’t know which is more silly – Speaker Pelosi initially believing that she could get away with lying about not having advance and contemporaneous knowledge of the “enhanced interrogation techniques” or each succeeding iteration of lie that she trots out every three or four days.  You bet there ought to be a Truth Commission and the first target of the commission ought to be the sitting Speaker of the House of Representatives.
  • President Barain Trust has just concluded that releasing the Abu-Ghraib photos would endanger US troops and inflame anti-American sentiment.  You think?  I thought this was supposed to be the smartest man to ever hold the office of President of the United States.  His inability to master the obvious, when announcing the prospective release a month ago, however, can only lead one to conclude that his “intelligence” is vastly overrated and akin to the overblown intellect once ascribed to another incompetent president, Jimmy Carter.
  • Speaking of former President Carter, one of the only refreshing aspects of BHO’s election is that the Oracle of Plains has receded into the woods of rural Georgia, where his pompous pontification echoes harmlessly between the southern pine.
  • Let me make a suggestion to the purveyors of prone-positioned diplomacy at Foggy Bottom.  Before you parade the Secretary of State out to issue our national apologies to the president of Afghanistan for civilian deaths resulting from a military attack called in by the Afghan government, perhaps you might choose to get the facts straight.  Translation for the intellectually challenged within the administration – you should figure out what role the Taliban played in staging the airstrike’s intended target with prospective civilian casualties before you apologize, not after.
  • Trying to generate more revenue for my law practice – was thinking about calling the White House and asking the One on how I should allocate our advertising dollars.  I mean if this community organizer turned president has the time and ability to advise a multinational corporation, like Chrysler, on how they should market their cars, he can certainly offer a little impromptu advice to a lowly attorney from Kalamazoo.

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