Observations from the Cheap Seats

  • Let me see, hmmm.  First, we are asked to believe that global warming actually helped cause last month’s blizzards throughout the midwest and east coast.  Now, we are asked to believe that the blizzards caused job losses.  Now, you know, I mean you KNOW that someone in the White House is going to trot out the argument at some point soon that global warming causes job losses.  It isn’t counter-intuitive Keynesian economic policy, which thrusts higher taxes, spending and waste on an already strained economy while squeezing out small business and entrepreneurial spirit through burdensome government regulation, which has caused our economic malaise.  No, our economy’s being whacked by the anthropogenic “hockey stick.”  You can’t make this crap up – you really can’t.
  • Conspicuously absent from this entire health care debacle in Washington is any commentary from Bill and/or Hillary Clinton.  Secretary Clinton, it could be argued, is too busy promoting the Obama Administration’s policies of appeasement from Rio de Janeiro all the way to Tehran to chime in on the current health care foray, but President Clinton?  Where’s Bill?  Apart from the far too easy comeback, which might involve improper insinuations over extracurricular obligations, there really is something to be said about his silence.  Wisely, the Clintons won’t let themselves be embroiled in this fiasco.  Why?  The answer to that question is not altogether different from why Rahm Emanuel felt it necessary to have his surrogates make it clear that he isn’t in charge of the White House train wreck.  And, the Clintons, Rahm and anyone else with an ounce of common sense or desire to save their own hide will continue to distance themselves from the proverbial sinking ship that is the Obama presidency.  Rahm did it for selfish, defensive reasons – “I am not this incompetent.”  Hillary and Bill do it for subversive, political reasons – “When the dust settles after November, 2010 and when it is clear that Obama is on a one term path, we will be players in 2012.”  Like Rahm, Hillary’s days are numbered at Foggy Bottom – mark my words.
  • As an aside, wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall, when David Axelrod gets that package one evening soon from the President and delivered by Valerie Jarrett, opens it up and finds a dead fish inside the Chief of Staff’s suitcoat?  Mister Gibbs, being ever so astute, asks Axelrod what that means and Axelrod says, “It means Rahm Emanuel sleeps with the fishes.”   What do they say?  Those that live by the sword . . .
  • January 20, 2009 – In break from Bush policy, President Obama sets hard date for Guantanamo’s closing – January 20, 2010.  November 13, 2009 – In break from Bush policy, Attorney General Holder announces that trials for KSM and two others will be held in civilian courts in NYC.  December 15, 2009 – Furthering its break from Bush policy, Obama Administration announces that Illinois prison will be used for transferred Guantanamo detainees.  March 5, 2010 – Obama Administration floats idea to adopt Bush policy to try KSM in a military tribunal at . . . Guantanamo.  Yeah, ok . . . he meant well.  If this isn’t incompetence, what is?
  • Did you all know that GM recalled 1.3 million cars this last week?  Now I love GM – or I should say, I have always loved the old GM – baseball, Chevrolet, Apple Pie, you get it – but, what do you bet that the Obama Administration doesn’t make a big deal of hauling its annointed leader of GM back for a congressional grilling?  You know the guy they just gave that $9 million compensation package to last week.  The hypocrisy in this Administration is without parallel in the whole of American history.  Simply, mind numbing.

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