Err … Does Newswe[a]k Actually Think This Will *Hurt* Palin? (UPDATED)

With Friends Like These, Obama Doesn't Need Enemies

Heh …

If the McCain/Palin campaign is smart (still an open question as far as I’m concerned), Sarah Palin should be having a lot of fun with this over the following weeks – that is, if Newsweak doesn’t pull a switch (which is why I urge everyone to save themselves a copy).

Please do take a look at Newsweak’s magazine’s October 13th edition’s cover. (H/T to dld1717 – who, unlike me, doesn’t think much of Newsweak for it.)

I do believe Newsweak’s editors think this (Palin with a beautiful smile and a caption saying “She’s One Of The Folks“) would actually be bad for the McCain campaign.

The “(And That’s The Problem)” is an added bonus. Reading the article itself, it would seem the fashionably-cynical sophisticates at Newsweak think “the folks” are dumb ignoramuses who are simply too ignorant and stupid to be involved in politics.

{shrug} Okay, I guess … Though I think Steve Schmidt would be the one sending them flowers. I predict that David Plouffe will … well, not be doing that.

Really, what with Ayers, Dorhn, Johnson, Wright, Raines, ACORN, Rezko, etc. Barack really needs to get himself better friends …

PS: The “Women And Leadership” thing at the top is a nice touch …

UPDATE: Newsweak has apparently received that phone call from David Plouffe. They’re using this cover (below) instead – with a picture of Palin from 2002 (H/T: Ace). They probably think it will scare suburban soccer moms or something. Still not that bad … or bad at all, to be honest.

Heck, this is Newsweak – I was expecting an “up-the-nostrils” shot …

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