Strike One: Failed Promises During Transition

Hopefully That's That

Low and inside.

Strike one.Folks, I’m really trying to give Obama the benefit of the doubt. I’ve given him a clean slate to work with. He’s already whiffed on the first major task given to him, and that’s strike one.

His transition has shown he plans to bring zero change. His first hire is a Washington insider who may have helped Mahoney cover up his affair. As a bonus, he’s also an old croney of Obama.

Obama’s second hire, if this helps you figure out what he’s concerned about? Mr. Axelrod. As a senior adviser. Not a guy with experience or political savvy or a policy know-it-all. A guy known for getting two people elected — at least one of which, was it Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick?, has been acknowledged as an abject failure. 50% is a pretty good record to be a senior adviser, I suppose?

Obama wants a lobbyist to fill in the FCC. But that’s OK, his previous statements about No Lobbyists has changed to No Lobbyists… working close to their primary field.

But, what sealed the deal to make this a failure?

Change.gov. Because we all know it’s totally cool for the government to collect information on people. Like the Democrats did during the election — while railing against the government for doing it… before? Privacy is not a right apparently, when it further Democrats. See: Ohio’s illegal use of tech to dig things up on Mr. The Plumber.

Let’s not forget he wants for Transportation the guy who tried to kill the American Space Tourism industry. He also tapped Granholm to lead his economy. Because all those folks in Michigan didn’t just turn to the government for a bail out.

Also, the Democrats are leaning hard on Lieberman. I’m not a fan of the guy, but they’re lining up to gut him if possible. Sorry Obama. This isn’t change. This is hyper partisanness.

Let’s combine this with his recent thinking about an economic stimulus plan while backtracking on cutting taxes. President Obama, those economic stimulus checks? Think of them of retroactive tax cuts. And they worked so well, we need another.

Washington insiders, lobbyists, party partisans — and backtracking and lies. Luckily, I’m consider major events strikes, not individual actions. So, all in all, just one. And, since this whole time is “transition”, barring epic fail, he can’t get another

Sorry, objectively, this isn’t bringing change — this isn’t trying to end partisan politics. This is politics as usual. Strike One.

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