Tom Campbell California Senate Candidate, Shill for the Muslim Brotherhood?

HatTip to Carl in Jerusalem over at Israel Matsav for this little gem.
I have no dog in this fight other than wanting Conservatives in every office in the land.
That being said I tend to think Mike Lee is the better candidate for this job and this article reinforces that opinion.
Seems Tom Campbell has quite a few ties with theMuslim Brotherhood and even currently is using some past and present members on his campaign staff. This guy has ties with and has pushed legislation in support of the likes of Sami al-Arian, fund raiser for Islamic Jihad and supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Director of Policy and Press Secretary of Congressman Tom Campbell is Suhail Khan, a friend of al-Arian and Khan’s father served as vice president of the Muslim Students Association and was in the leadership of the Islamic Society of North America, two Brotherhood-created groups.
Read this it makes for a very interesting story and makes me feel that a Campbell win would NOT be good for the security of our nation.

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