With the Stroke of a Pen an American Dictator Plans to Weaken our Constitution and Violates our Rights

The DISCLOSE Act…another bill Obama wanted that didn’t make it through the House of Representatives so Obama plans on making an end run around our Representatives and use an Executive Order to pass it. This law will require businesses with Government contracts to report the political donations and activities of their officers and directors…of course unions that sign collective bargaining contracts with the federal government would be exempt.

The White House claims the EO would make the federal government more transparent. But a quick look at who Obama chose to exempt from the EO shows this is false: unions that sign collective bargaining contracts with the federal government would be exempt from the “disclosure” requirements. The clear intent of this bill is to suppress speech and punish Obama’s enemies.

I find it interesting that 11 Republican Senators allowed John McConnell to become a Federal District Judge because they didn’t want to be seen as violating senate etiquette and protocol. They would be hard pressed to find a more unfit Judge whose beliefs are so at odds with our own. But hey lets be all civil and give the Dictator what he wants because God knows Obama’s going to play by the rules and follow proper etiquette and precedent when he doesn’t get exactly what he wants….right?

The Constitution, our Representatives, the citizens of this country mean absolutely squat to Obama. Power and control are all he cares about and this Disclose Act will allow him to punish those who don’t get in line and march to his jack booted beat.

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