We seem to be having a Star Trek TOS meme going with Obama, here.

That's not good for him, by the way.

Don’t get me wrong, loved the first two seasons growing up, have all of Diane Duane’s ST books – but this isn’t really the mood that I presume that the Obama campaign wants to present. Particularly since McCain’s going with that entire BSG 2.0 vibe.

Anyway, first we had the Space Hippies:

…and now we have to ask, “Who Mourns for Adonis?

…um, not me? Read up a little on organized classical/’Dark Age’ European polytheism and you start to understand why the various Abrahamic faiths went through them like a hot knife through butter.

Moe LanePS: When your Temple to yourself is causing your political opponent’s campaign to immediately reply, “Is this from the Onion?” – then you may want to reconsider your basic theme. What, too late?

Such a pity.

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