ACORN Voter Registration Fraud Watch: Lake County, Indiana.

The concept of *ACORN Linked With Voter Registration Fraud* is now officially Part Of The Zeitgeist, by the way. And, yes, it *was* quite fun to bring that about.

Anyway… out of the first 2,100 (of about 5,000 submitted, all in the last few days before the deadline) handed in by notorious Democratic ally ACORN, all of them were fraudulent. And that’s not my word choice: it’s CNN’s.

CNN is now mocking ACORN for this.


Extra fun is watching the ACORN attorney try to weasel out of this. He does… poorly.

Moe Lane

PS: Do remember that these are the people that Barack Obama paid 800 grand for get-out-the-vote efforts – although I do credit him with having sufficient cunning to at least try to lie about it.

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