Helen Jones-Kelley “resigns” over Joe the Plumber attack.

One other resignation... and one actual firing.

Scare quotes because I, like Allahpundit, don’t even remotely think that she had a choice in the matter.

Helen Jones-Kelley, the state official placed on unpaid leave for improperly accessing confidential information from state databases on “Joe the Plumber,” has resigned.

Two senior managers involved in the incident also are leaving, The Dispatch has learned..


The administration last night fired Doug Thompson, the deputy director of child support who was scheduled to return to work Monday following a one-month suspension without pay.

Fred Williams, assistant agency director, has resigned effective January 31. He recently returned to his job after a week suspension without pay.

Both Thompson and Williams were implicated in the illegal Wurzelbacher attacks; Thompson (the fired one) also “ordered an employee to lie about the reason for the check.” Allahpundit’s not sure about the timing; as for me, personally I think that this is turning out to be a really bad month to be a Democrat engaged in corrupt shenanigans, and Governor Ted Strickland’s approval ratings have dropped six points since August (before you start cheering, he’s still at 54%: of course, the next election’s in 2010). It was apparently decided to sacrifice a few faceless bureaucrats to the maw of public disapproval.

God, but do I love the Fitzmas season.

Moe Lane

PS: Intriguingly, Sherrod Brown is currently “enjoying” a 44% approval rating. Alas, it’ll be another four years before we can do something about that.

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