Wisconsin GOP Senate fights dirty.

Which it should.

They’ve taken over the approving of time sheets and photocopier requests for staffers of AWOL Wisconsin legislators.  The ballot can be found here; the photocopier restrictions are particularly rigorous, given that the staffers in question will have to go get permission every time they want to make a copy.  Speaking as somebody who has worked in an office that generated a lot of paperwork, that restriction is downright vicious.

But is it petty?  No.  Petty is Democratic state senators literally hiding from their job responsibilities – and risking the jobs of their constituents – because union bosses demand it of them*.  This is merely a sign that said Senators’ colleagues are getting tired of pretending that their hiding is acceptable behavior.  Or particularly mature.

Via @kevinbinversie.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*In 2010, the currently-hiding Wisconsin state senators received roughly one-fifth of their total campaign contributions from union sources.  Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

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