One of the few things that most of us have agreed upon during this Presidential election cycle is the need to continue to improve Congress. We know that even if the best conservative candidate is elected he’ll need a solid conservative Congress to accomplish real reforms. And if we end up with a re-elected Obama, we’ll still need a solid conservative Congress to thwart his continued attempts to move us further down the road to European socialism.

To that end, I’d like to introduce to you a candidate for Colorado’s second district. But before I do, I’d like set the stage. Even though Colorado did not gain or lose seats, we still went through the process of redrawing the boundaries. Unfortunately what that means here is for the Democrat-controlled Legislature to do nothing and force the courts to do it. In the end, the congressional boundary changes weren’t as bad as they could’ve been. Scott Tipton in CO-3 will probably have an easier time with his re-election. Cory Gardner in CO-4 is set. So is Doug Lamborn in CO-5. The big loser could be Mike Coffman in CO-6. This was the goal of the Democrats. I still think Coffman has a decent chance to keep his seat. He did well in statewide elections, and is still popular in the state.

This diary is not about any of those districts. It is about Colorado’s 2nd congressional district, currently held by Jared Polis. The district contains all of The People’s Republic of Boulder™. It has always been a Democrat stronghold, but now with the addition of Larimer County (where I live), it has moved quite a bit towards the center. This presents and opportunity for Republicans to gain this seat later this year.

Kevin Lundberg currently represents the 15th Senate district in Colorado. Originally appointed in 2009 to fill the remaining two years in that district, he previously represented the 49th House district since 2002. He was re-elected in 2010 to another 4-year term. Kevin has won several awards, including Taxpayer Champion and Taxpayer Guardian from the Colorado Union of Taxpayers. For those of you that are now aware, we take tax control seriously in Colorado.

Kevin’s legislative accomplishments include:

* HB07-1208 and SB08-246, It took two bills get this done, eliminating legal prohibitions on generous gas and prescription drug programs – previous to the bills Colorado law prevented private businesses from offering any discounts “below cost.”

* HB04-1262 requiring clear signage identifying “red light” camera systems. These are the cameras at intersections that can automatically send traffic tickets. My bill let everyone know where the cameras are set up.

* Authorized people to copy and distribute Colorado statutes. Before the bill citizens were required by law to ask for permission from the Capitol to copy or distribute any state law.

* SB03-139, requiring jurisdictions to publicly disclose financial information before a bond election.

* HB04-1263 was a bill concerning the removal of the requirement under Colorado law for submission of a social security number on an application for a license issued by the Division of Wildlife (hunting and fishing licenses).

* SJR10-026 established the Sgt. Justin Bauer Memorial Highway

* HB0-1413 modifying the direct file laws for juveniles

* HB0-1259 conforming the annexation act of 1965 to the state constitution

Jared Polis has been a reliable vote for Barack Obama. When Lundberg was asked, Why run against Jared Polis, he states: lists 92 votes that Rep. Polis cast on the House Floor in 2011. 80% of the votes were either no, or did not vote. Among his no votes for 2011, which I would have supported are:

H.R. 2 – Repealing the Federal Health Care bill
H.R. 2021 – Cory Gardner’s bill providing timely processing of off-shore oil permits
H.R. 471 – Creating school vouchers for D.C. Schools
H.R. 1076 – Doug Lamborn’s bill cutting off Federal funds for NPR
H. amendment 95 – Prohibiting Federal funding for Planned Parenthood
H.R. 1633 – Limiting regulation of farm dust
H.R. 2560 – Cut, Cap and Balance Act of 2011

Kevin Lundberg currently has an exploratory committee to see if there is sufficient support to help him try to unseat Polis. He’s looking for 1500 people to sign up in support of his candidacy. I’ve already signed up to support him, and strongly encourage those of you inside and outside of Colorado to do that same. Let’s get that number to 1500 so Kevin will run. He is looking to make a decision by tomorrow (Jan 6th), so please don’t delay.

I know Kevin, and I’ve followed his efforts on behalf of Coloradans. He would be a great asset to the U.S. House of Representatives. Let’s send him to Washington to represent the consituents of the newly drawn 2nd district.