Gays, Dems Using Strong-Arm Tactics

There is an internet map available of San Francisco on which is listed the names, addresses and locations of people who contributed to California’s traditional-marriage Proposition 8, which passed on November 4, 2008. Gay groups, which opposed Prop 8, published the map and are using extra-constitutional tactics like this to intimidate people with whom they disagree.


Of course the gays are going to say that this map is just part of the public record, and that no harm will come of it. But these groups know darned well that certain radicals in the homosexual movement may very well use these maps, and these names and addresses, to harass and intimidate people with whom they disagree.


Imagine that you receive a letter or a phone call from someone who opposed your contribution to Prop 8. The caller or writer need not even threaten you, but simply can start asking you questions about your views in an act of intimidation. Very creepy.


Or imagine knowing that the last time around in a heated political campaign that the names and addresses of contributors were published online. That certainly would have a chilling effect on your decisions going forth.


But this all is absolutely intentional on the part of the political left.


One of the most disturbing images from the Prop 8 campaign was a photo of a house with a banner supporting traditional marriage. In the rear window of a car parked in front of the house was a big sign that read ‘Bigots Live Here’ with an arrow pointing to the house. These are totalitarian tactics. And coming from the homosexual movement, we can get some insight into how they are promoting their agenda in a disturbing and anti-American way.


On March 21, 2009, a bus tour organized by a left-wing group called Connecticut Working Families visited the streets of ritzy Fairfield, pointing out the homes where executives of the controversial AIG insurance firm live. Won’t some fringe characters on the left now act against those homes?


Democrats know they might. That’s why the tour was organized. This bus tour was an act of pure intimidation that can easily lead to mob rule.


Liberal groups in Washington state even used a website to post pictures and addresses of the houses of people with campaign signs for the Republican candidate for governor Dino Rossi in the 2008 election. So apparently it now is an object of interest where you live if you are… a Republican?


In 2004, Democrat Christine Gregoire won the gubernatorial matchup with Rossi by only 129 votes out of 2.9 million cast. In that election, Rossi originally had won both the election-day vote and the recount. Then Gregoire was declared the winner by the state legislature after the second recount included many suspicious ballots from heavily-Democrat Seattle.


Liberals in America are becoming more brazen. They are continuing their old tactic of stealing elections and using voter fraud and intimidation to win office and to win their way. Just look at the many investigations into the leftist voter-registration group ACORN in the 2008 election, and convictions of many ACORN members.


In 1960, Joseph P. Kennedy used his power to influence the mafia to steal the presidential election for his son Democrat John F. Kennedy. Republican Richard Nixon knew that he had been cheated, but he did not make an issue because he did not want to put the nation through a major electoral confrontation.


In the Minnesota US Senate election of November 4, 2008, after the votes were counted and Republican Norm Coleman was declared the winner, phantom ballots suddenly appeared all from heavily Democrat districts and they all favored ultra-liberal Al Franken.


This is another example of the Democrat party relying on fringe characters all over America who are willing to move beyond democracy in order to win elections and intimidate voters. Most likely a handful of radical Democrat operatives had planned ahead of time to “find” the Franken ballots if the election turned out to be really close. And it has turned out to be so close that the “found” ballots may end up tipping the election.


 There were questions in 2002 when Democrat US senator Tim Johnson was first elected in South Dakota after fraud was detected on the heavily-Democrat Indian reservations in rural parts of the state. His opponent Republican John Thune, who lost by only 524 votes, did not complain, being a good conservative. Like Nixon, he said he’d run again and he did. He ran in 2004 and unseated South Dakota Democrat Senate minority leader Tom Daschle in a great display of poetic justice.


Now go to 2000. George Bush won Florida by a disputed 537 votes and thus won the presidential election fair and square. Yet unlike gracious Nixon, Gore and the Democrats hooted and hollered like angry children, and are still complaining about Florida 2000 even though there was no fraud whatsoever on the Republican side. The ballots were counted over and over and over. Even Bush-unfriendly entities like The New York Times went down and counted the votes. Bush still won.


Democrats are the ones who always complain loudest about some mythical Republican bogeyman stealing elections and suppressing voters. They call for ‘clean elections’ and public financing of campaigns. But it is common knowledge that the Democrats have rigged elections for more than a century with dead people voting, people voting more than once, people being paid to vote, fraudulent vote counts, ballots magically found, stuffed ballot boxes etc.


On the other hand, how much voter fraud do you hear about in the more conservative suburbs, or in small towns or in rural areas where Republicans do best?


Virtually none. And now the same vote-stealers are strong-arming the public in referendum votes on traditional marriage and the like. It is appalling. When will Democrats run fair and square?

Never. Because they live for political power and their power often depends on nefarious means.


In Massachusetts, David Parker of Lexington became a target of gay/liberal intimidation when he was singled out and harassed over his objection to his son’s indoctrination into pro-gay propaganda in the public schools. Parker’s young son even was attacked by a group of students in an assault obviously planned by parents in the school district. This is the type of action faced by people who oppose the homosexual agenda.


And liberals talk about what “peaceful” people they are.


Nonsense. Many liberals are violent people.


Conservatives always have believed that civil rights extend to all Americans. That is why the Republican party originally fought to end slavery, for civil rights for blacks and for women’s suffrage. Conservatives believe homosexuals deserve all protections granted to all American citizens because freedom means that people are not singled out for special treatment – bad or good – on account of who they are and what they do as long as their behavior does not adversely affect others or society in general.


But anyone who has personally witnessed the devastation of AIDS knows that homosexual behavior has deadly consequences, and this is an issue that the media reported obsessively in the 1980s, but that it  ignores today. The fact is that AIDS and other diseases still are ravaging gays across the nation today, and thus is harmful to them and to our society in general with increasingly high health-care costs. That is why many conservatives oppose the further legitimization of homosexuality particularly through the strong-arm and often anti-democratic tactics of the gay movement.


It is time for Democrats to start acting responsibly on all fronts. But don’t hold your breath. They have another agenda altogether and it does not always include allowing the citizens to lawfully and freely cast their ballots to decide an issue of public importance.


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