My Apology to comrade Birdmojo: The Hate-driven, Socialism-driven Progressive Third Parties and their Influence in 2008 Election

Colorado as a Case In point: "I see regular people fighting over legitimate issues."

Silly me! I hurt my brother’s feeling with my stupid comment on the political issues in Colorado Springs. Here is my original comment:

I see regular people fighting over legitimate issues. While the reps/cons are busy fighting, the ACORNs are watching in the sideline…busy doing all stealth election frauds to dictate the winner. The first statement struck our brother Birdmojo hard.

First and foremost, I recognize that the Conservatives and Republicans including birdmojo in Colorado are fighting an uphill battle against the Democrats who advocate for heavy regulation (i.e., American style socialism). I truly support their fight against the Democrats in all issues confronting our country and our local people nowadays, not just in Colorado. But for Colorado, I hope and pray to God that Schaeffer wins against Udall in this coming election.

When I said “regular people fighting legitimate issues”, I refer to the usual Republicans vs. Democrats fighting what is best for our country. I do not mean it as a putdown to the issues of being fought by our fellow conservatives. I fully understand the grave implication when the Socialists and Anti-Americans win this election. When I wrote that, I was thinking that “there’s something that more than meets the eyes”. At the outset, we find all the issues that you have mentioned either in Colorado Springs or in the rest of Colorado as nearly (if not exactly) the same issues being fought by the conservatives in all corners of America. Behind the scene, there have been forces working against us since President Bush won his secnd term in 2004.

We know what are at stake in this election: (a) A possibe filibuster-proof Democrat-run Congress; (b) New appointments in the SCOTUS; and, (c) the White House itself. With the media making a good cover of Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrats, I think that even the US Constitution, the very fundamental law of the land, has the possibility to be changed by the Democrats for their own purposes.

What makes me so adamant about this election is the “argument” coming from the Democrats and the media:

If a Democrat Presidential Candidate can’t win this election in a year most favorable to the Democrats (the Democrats’ year), we (Democrats are speaking) might as well never see a Democrat President in the White House in a distant future or even forever.

I believe this argument describes the frustration among the democrats and why they need to win this election at all costs. They see this election as the “litmus test” of the future viability of their party and their chances to attain their political goals… which are unfortunately proven to be disastrous to our economy, our liberty, our security and our own American identity. But why the frustrations? it’s because that the Democratic Party and its minions have planned and worked for their win in this election since 2005.

I think that many of us are all fighting against the democrats with the usual assumption that the “rules of the games” are still the same like in previous elections (except maybe in 2006). In that case, I believe that we are committing a mistake. Thanks to the wisdom of our conservative leaders who have correctly observed that this is a very “unusual election”.

Why? It’s my own conviction that the Democrats have added a new variety in this election that makes it a different ballgame. It’s not a really an ordinary election inspite of the fact that the imminent threat of socialism is more visible than ever. The factor that makes this election specially different is the strong influence of the “emboldened” Fusion Strategy of the hateful progressive Third Parties 1/, the grassroot machinery of the Democrats lent by the commies and socialists working within it (thanks to Howard Dean of DNC).

My case in point is Colorado. In the said state, we have the mighty Colorado Progressive Coalitioncomposed of many third parties and organizations wanting to end the days of the Republicans and Conservatives. This is on top of the efforts by other socialist third parties like ACORN. Specifically in Colorado, I believe that these “aggressive” socialist third parties were responsible for the win of Udall in the previous election. 2/

ACORN, as many of us here in RS now realize, has also become a formidable force. ACORN is specially STRONG in Colorado. Specifically, Colorado ACORN has three (3) main local chapters in Colorado: Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Denver. ACORN has also been very strong in other states. It should be noted that ACORN is tied up with AFL-CIO and WFP along with Democratic Socialist of America and CPUSA.

With regards to the issues, the names of these groups are misleading. Many would think that each of these groups is only working on a particular issue. For example, many Americans usually think that AFL-CIO and WFP are only related to “union members and their welfare of their families”. In the case of ACORN, it is normally viewed (thanks to the MSM) a group working only on voter registration (because that’s what the people only hear from MSM.) Truth be told, ACORN’s main activities are advice in housing loans and even in tax preparation (how to be exempted) targeting poor families and street people. And who knows what other “advice” ACORN is giving to its members and the communities it “serves”.

But the devil is always in the details. As I’ve said in above, these groups have strong ties with CPUSA and DSA. Their leaders are “covert” supporters of socialists both at national and international levels (assuming they are not members. If we study these organizations and how they work with their members, we might be surprised that these groups have been actually conducting subtle “indoctrinations” towards socialism and communism. I can only assume that their members have had no idea on what their organizations have been teaching them.

It’s getting long already. My second apology. But my main point is this:

In the viewpoint of the third parties working with the Democratic Party, everyday since 2004 has been a regular election campaigning day. Fight of the Conservatives in Colorado might be too late.

Thus, it is really gargantuan task for McCain and Palin to win this election. This has also been the reason why Pres. Bush’s popularity sagged to its lowest level since 2005. We need to undo what these third parties have done in brainwashing our people using their misguided logic. 3/

I wish I was wrong. Good thing is that Schaeffer has substantially cut the lead of Udall recently.

I have no “direct” proof to justify my opinions as stated above. I only have this: In a 2005 article, The Power of The Fusion Politics, we can see the following quotes (referring to the loss of Kerry in 2004):

“How many times do we have to pour millions of dollars into the Democratic Party, and thousands of volunteers? And then hoping even if they win, we still have to get them to pay attention to us?

“If we do nothing and hope to simply influence the Democratic Party, that’s doomed to fail… how many times do you have to lose before you make a change?”

These are actually 2005 statements from third parties. Their eyes have been fixed to 2008 election…which is now.

In summary, while we are fighting with the Dems on the “legitimate issues” to win this election, some of the votes (at least 40-45% based on my observation of the polls) have already been set for the Democrats (specially Obama) to win this election.

Thus, we are actually the ones who have been “hoodwinked” (to borrow Obama’s and Malcom X’s words) by the leftist third parties. 4/


1/ Fusion Strategy has two meanings for a socialist third party:

  • (1) A strategy separating the vote for a third party from of the major party. This is supposedly the real goal of ACORN and the Citizen Project in Colorado.
  • (2) A CPUSA Michael Harrington’s strategy of dominating a Major Party (Democratic Party) by a third party (CPUSA).

2/ For me, the same explanation applies to other “surprise winners” in many red states during the 2006 elections.

3/ This is also the reason why I don’t believe that “positive campaigning” as offered by the liberal MSM will do wonders for McCain and Sarah. We need to hit hard to destroy whatever the Dems and these third parties have established in the last 3 years.

4/ I also think that Hillary Clinton was also hoodwinked by the “very far left” during the primaries.

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