The Hope and the Change

From “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” through the euphoria of voters convinced they were electing the Messiah, Stephen Bannon’s The Hope and the Change takes us on a retrospective of the Obama presidency: The film shows the country’s early hope in the new president, then the quick realization that America had been conned. America was promised “Hope and Change”, but realize that Obama hoped they wouldn’t notice him change.

The film pieces together interviews with several lifelong Democrats and independent voters, who describe their euphoria.

News media figures were sure that 2008 was “the most exciting and important election in several lifetimes” as one put it. A sense of excitement and anticipation over the wonders of the new era took hold.

Then Obama got elected, and the stock market tanked. Investors knew that his policies would be a disaster. The large drop in stock market value coincided with the failure of several banks and investment firms.

Americans were surprised to learn that a company could be too big to fail, a new concept reminiscent of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

It began to dawn on them that the president did not have enough experience.  But “Let’s give him some time,” they said.

Then came the auto bailouts, the huge stimulus bill was a big shock, and the president kept pending and spending and printing money to justify more spending..

Where did all of the money go?

“There are almost 100 shovel-ready transportation projects,” the president said. Then, more recently, he admitted in a wry comment that there were “not as many shovel ready jobs as we thought.”

He said the focus of his attention would be the economy, but we see him golfing and filling out his NCAA brackets, with commentary showing he spends more time studying that than most people do..

The wonder of listening to Obama talk became boredom, as he proved to be giving the same speech over and over.

Many people see same sex marriage policy as.strictly a political statement. It’s one more area, in which Obama is the one who changed.

“I didn’t say change we can believe in tomorrow,” said Obama, nor even next week. That kind of bait and switch can be forgiven for small promises, but not for really big ones. Obama made some really big promises, and people read those to be even bigger.

“I think the legacy of Barack Obama will be that he made a lot of promises, got into office, and failed.”

The Hope and the Change premiers today near the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

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