David Price and Obama

spread the wealth

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price introduced Barack Obama yesterday at a rally in Florida.

Price did not play professionally last year because the Rays did not offer him enough money. He turned down millions of dollars. He signed this year for millions, plus some.

Now that we know that Price is an Obama worshiper, we must aske if Price will agree to give a large portion of his multi million dollar signing bonus to a Rays player who is not so lucky. Perhaps David will share his bonus with a 39th round draft pick who got no signing bonus. After all, according to his man’s way of thinking, David is just lucky. He happens to be bright, big, and athletic. It is only his good fortune that got him where he is today and he probably did not work hard to reach the major leagues. Besides, even if he did work hard, he was supposed to work hard because of his God given talents. So I think David should spread the wealth around with some of his less fortunate teammates – to make sure that those below him have a chance and so that he can be a true messenger of the Obama doctrine.

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