“Uncle Tom Powell Stumps for Massah”

Mr. Irrelevant

All hail the former war criminal turned voice of reason. It wasn’t long ago that Left leaning blogs like Kos ran headlines like “Uncle Tom Powell Stumps for Massah Bush”. That headline is almost as racist as McCain’s assertion that Obama’s government handout is “welfare” or as Sarah Palin calling small town America “patriotic”.

Now that Colin Powell is no longer a house servant I guess he is acceptable again. How times have changed. Powell is being exalted so much already, I almost forget about his role in the Iraq war. If his role in that war taught us one thing about Powell, it is that he is good at bucking the blame and leaving friends high and dry, so John McCain shouldn’t be surprised.

No longer can Left wings blog engage in civil discussions over whether it is okay to call Colin Powell an Uncle Tom and Condoleezza Rice an Aunt Jemima. Poor Condoleezza will have to fight the Aunt Jemima smears all alone now. Some great new friends you got there Colin.

Did all racial guilt tripping from the Left finally wear him down? Nice message to send to the kids – racial identity and cowardliness in the face of slander and intimidation.

What else could it be? How could an old cold warrior who served two Republican presidents support the most liberal and inexperienced man ever to run for the office of the presidency. He didn’t want to make race an issue, but he just did. His token support of Obama is so transparent and no one outside the MSM will care.

This is non-news. Sarah Palin on SNL is a bigger headline of the day. Sorry Colin, Mr. Irrelevant.

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