Katie Couric Is Excrutiating

Good lord, this is excruciating to watch. Don’t blame the messenger:

She makes Chris Mathews and the other mouth breathers look good. At least, you know they are partisan hacks. What pains me about Couric is that millions of naive Americans watch this woman every night under the assumption that she is a professional journalist providing hard news.

Does anyone even know who painted that swastika? How does she know it has anything to do with health care? And people in Middle American legally carry guns, Katie. Yes, they really do. There is no mention of the very real arrests of SEIU members or any other transgressions by liberal activists.

I can’t believe a complete ignoramus is our leading news anchor. This smug, spiteful woman won a Edward R. Murrow award for journalistic excellence in 2008 and 2009.

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