Health Care Summit: The Attack of the Lame Anecdotes!!!

Who needs statistics, empirical evidence, actuarial data, logic or reason, when you have anecdotes? I once knew a lady who had to use her dead sister’s dentures. That should never happen in America!!!

I watched the whole health care summit and that pretty much sums up the Democratic argument; sentimental anecdote, after sentimental anecdote, after sentimental anecdote and some talk about closing donut holes with a lot of people making little donuts with their index fingers and their thumbs.

Two teams played a game today, but one team had the home field advantage and owned the referee. It didn’t matter; they still lost. I wanted the GOP to attend this summit because I didn’t want Obama to have a six hour infomercial; I knew the media would look for an opportunity to paint Republicans as obstructionist troglodytes; and I thought the Democrats would use a poor Republican response as a platform to launch reconciliation.

Now the summit is over, I don’t see what the Democrats gained. Obama, using his bully pulpit, managed to score some points and may have helped his image a bit. But the real story is the performance of the Republicans. O ye, of little faith, why did so many conservatives fear this attack of the lame anecdotes when we had the winning talent and the winning arguments? When Democrats are getting whipped by Lamar Alexander, Charles Grassley and John McCain, its a pretty good sign things are going poorly for them.

I have to wonder who assembled that awful Democratic panel and whether they will get the Martha Coakley treatment. Is that really their best? And if so, how do we ever lose anything to these people? Next time, to make it fair, maybe we should just send Paul Ryan.

But Republicans could never really win in such a forum with the mainstream media spinning the story. Still, they stood tall and prevented a public relations trap. Conservatism is about more than anger and general platitudes. Today, people got to see our professional, articulate, principled, and informed leaders shine. The Democrats have no reason to use the excuse of Republican obstructionism to pursue reconciliation now. Too many people saw the truth; we care, we have great ideas and we have great arguments. We also proved that we will sit down with Democrats and that we will work with them if they are serious about real reform. I repeat, real reform.

For the most part, the Republicans stayed true to their principles, acted professionally and did the people’s work. The battle is over and they kept the high ground. That’s not compromise. That’s leadership.

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