A Moment of Truth for Tennessee

"Senator" Joe Carr from Tennessee would send shock waves to DC

Just over a month from now on August 7th, Tennesseans will decide who will represent them in the US Senate. The choice is 6 years more of the same in Lamar Alexander versus a conservative leader in Joe Carr, a state representative from Middle Tennessee who has vowed to shake up Washington.

Tennesseans have always been itching for a fight when they perceive their freedom is under assault. During the war with Mexico, Governor Aaron Brown issued a call for 2,600 volunteers to enlist. Over 30,000 volunteers answered the call, and the astonishing response earned Tennessee the nickname of the “Volunteer State.” A sense of duty and patriotism still runs strong in Tennessee. “I volunteer, Sir!” is the official greeting between an enlisted soldier and officer whenever a member of the 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment, Tennessee’s largest national guard unit, renders a salute. There’s a deep sense of volunteerism in so many Tennesseans, and the same is true for Rep. Joe Carr.

Once he was elected, Carr, a former small business-owner and gentlemen farmer, impressed conservatives with how much negative publicity he generated from the liberal newspapers. Clearly, the left wing feared this conservative and his immigration reform efforts. It became increasingly apparent that Carr didn’t become a state representative to just wear a suit and spout conservative talking points. He actually intended to get things done and move Tennessee in a conservative direction. Carr succeeded and had no problem ruffling establishment feathers in the process.

As a result of Carr’s leadership, Tennessee passed some of the toughest illegal immigration laws in the country. In contrast, Lamar Alexander voted for amnesty for illegal immigrants (S168-2013) and voted to slash veteran’s benefits. Think about that for a moment. Here’s a man who wants to give legal status to people who’ve violated our laws at a cost to law-abiding taxpayers of $24,000 per unlawful immigrant household. And he wants your children and grandchildren to pay for it by raising the debt ceiling and running up our national deficit. At the same time, he wants to punish America’s heroes and bravest citizens by cutting their pensions. Liberal logic 101?

Carr meanwhile was leading Tennessee to pro-growth reforms such as eliminating the death tax which resulted in Tennessee becoming the 4th most business-friendly state in America. In Washington, Alexander was dutifully falling in line w/ Obama et al by voting to increase the debt limit and saddling a $17 trillion dollar deficit on the backs of our children and grandchildren.

Carr led a major rally to keep Obamacare state exchanges out of Tennessee; Lamar fought Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and other conservatives to end debate on Obamacare, effectively joining Harry Reid in ramming it through the Senate. Carr took on his own Republican governor to get immigration reform pushed through in Tennessee. Alexander decided to champion one of greatest challenge facing Tennessee. What challenge would he champion? Obamacare? A nuclear Iran? Common core? Fast and Furious? Benghazi? IRS scandal? Fishing below dams of course!

The choice lying before Tennessee is very clear. Do Tennesseans want more Lamar Alexander? Think higher deficits, common core, Obamacare, failing scorecards from Heritage Action (49%)  and fishing-below-dams distractions. Or does America need more leaders who will stand up to Obama and his blatant attacks on the Constitution and the rule of law and move America in a conservative direction? Who will make life harder on Obama and his assault on the rule of law and the Constitution? Lamar or Carr?

In Lamar, we have a man from a deep red state that finds himself in agreement w/ Obama 62% of the time. Quite astonishing to consider. Tennesseans can fix this problem in a few weeks. Carr has a very real shot to win this race. He has engendered a Dave Brat-style ground game across the state, and he’s relentlessly canvassed Tennessee introducing himself at Reagan-day dinners, Republican gatherings and to talk radio audiences. We need to get him across the finish line.

Now national conservative organizations like Freedom Works and Senate Conservatives Fund need to get off the sidelines and get in the game. The war for America’s soul rages. Now is the time to act. Early voting begins July 18th. The Volunteer state needs your help. Will you answer the call?

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