Joe Carr For the Win in Tennessee

Rep. Joe Carr, the conservative from Middle Tennessee challenging Lamar Alexander, has gotten some huge boosts recently w/ endorsements from Laura Ingraham and Sarah Palin. Following his Palin endorsement, Carr appeared on the Glenn Beck program.

The venerable conservative pundit Bill Hobbes weighed in last week and argued that Carr has forged a very real and possible path to victory that could shock the Tennessee political scene. Hobbes  argued Carr could win in shocking fashion similar to how Bill Frist defeated longtime Democrat Jim Sasser in 1994. No one saw an upset coming, and Frist annihilated Sasser by 14 points (56-42) and became the only challenger to defeat a full-term incumbent that cycle.

Here is Hobbes’ assessment from his visit to a Lamar rally yesterday:

Some notes from the Lamar Alexander campaign rally on Music Row – and the counter-protest by supporters of Joe Carr in the Republican primary race.

Perhaps the most convincing reason I agree w/ Hobbes’ belief that Carr can potentially pull this out is the extensive ground game operations organized by the “Beat Lamar” movement working on behalf of Team Carr. According to their leader, Michael Patrick Leahy, they’ve knocked on over 50,000 doors asking voters to support Carr.

One final video to view and share with friends who live in Tennessee to urge them to vote for Carr:

Why We’re Voting for Joe Carr for US Senate

UPDATE: Mark Levin has now endorsed Rep. Carr also.

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