Did anyone else think Frank Luntz’s “undecided” group was a little fishy?

I don’t buy it. Senator McCain had Obama on the ropes all night. Senator McCain had a commanding presence throughout the evening. He got some incredible uppercuts in and Barry looked like the cat that just ate the bird when he was trying to smile his way through the pain. That smile and his stuttering nuanced responses on a variety of subjects was not impressive.

That is why Frank Luntz’s agitprop was so surprising. Those four “undecided” voters that spoke of Obama with a gleam of Obamacult in their eyes and how Frank Luntz said it was “a good night” for Obama made me think of two things, campaign plants and payola. Senator McCain beat Senator Government with a TKO. If I want to watch someone who can act good, I’ll go watch a Robert Duvall flick. Suave and sophisticated aren’t important to me in my presidential candidate.

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