Truth about the $150k Palin Wardrobe

Interesting, makes you wonder

An article in “http://www.wowowow.com/post/palin-innocent-clothing-shopping-scandal-katie-couric-140128?page=1#comments” seems pretty believable, despite it being another anonymous source:

“Today, a source close to John McCain’s presidential campaign revealed exclusively to wowOwow that it was two stylists who often do work for CBS journalist Katie Couric who were hired by former CBS News political analyst and McCain senior strategist, Nicolle Wallace, around the time of the Republican National Convention. Wallace had worked for CBS Evening News until May 2008 when she left to work on the McCain campaign. Said the source, “They weren’t given any budget or parameters. They just told the stylists to work for her, because coming from Alaska, she needed a new look. She was a small-town girl who needed to look like a big-city girl.”

Wallace is close friends with Couric. Couric would go on to get the second major interview and the longest television time with the former Republican vice-presidential candidate.

The two stylists, whose names have not been released, were the ones who bought the controversial wardrobe that Palin went on to wear. The source said that Sarah Palin “was used to wearing Ann Taylor and then all of a sudden, clothing was being brought in for her family.” Concluded the source, “They simply picked out the clothes for Gov. Palin and told her to wear it. The stylists were told not to tell her how much the clothes cost but just to put them on.””

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