“The Tools of Free Men”

And why the Dems keep trying to steal them

There is an excellent article by A.W.R Hawkins on Human Events today. He talks about why the Democrats are against oil, guns and free speech. It’s not a new thesis to most of us, but I liked his rugged, free American approach to the subject.

Hawkins also stresses the importance of teaching the costs, meanings and benefits of freedom to our children, so that they can clearly see the hidden agenda behind liberal policies. The article can be found here.

And, for me at least, here is the money qoute:

We must get more oil. We must keep our guns. And we must tell our children, our students, and those among whom we live and work that freedom comes from God, not government. As such, it s not the gift of Senators Barrack Obama, Charles Schumer, or Harry Reid, nor is it ours because of the benevolence of Representative Pelosi. Once we get our children, our students, and those among whom we live and work to understand this, we can rest assured in the shared knowledge that freedoms which government cannot give are also freedoms which government cannot take away.

Doing this may not be easy, but “those who want to reap the benefits of this great nation must bear the fatigue of supporting it.” (Thomas Paine)

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