Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA), Congressional Candidate, Unindicted Co-Conspirator

Oh, yeah, he's still awaiting trial for the crime he *has* been indicted for...

Bill Jefferson and Sister Betty have been named unindicted co conspirators in the money-laundering scheme between erstwhile State Senator Derrick Shepherd and bond dealer/nutcase Gwendolyn Moyo.

With Moyo insisting on representing herself, the trial promises to take on a circus-like atmosphere.

Bill Jefferson faces a runoff for the Democratic nomination for the Second Congressional District on Nov. 4.

Times-Picayune: Federal fraud trial for bond broker scheduled to begin today

In a federal fraud case full of high-profile New Orleans area politicians listed as co-conspirators, all eyes are now on Gwendolyn Moyo, a little-known, twice-convicted bond broker who will literally begin defending herself today.

With no legal training, Moyo is representing herself at a trial set to start this morning, adding a major dose of unpredictability to a case that features U.S. Rep. William Jefferson and his sister, New Orleans’ 4th District Assessor Betty Jefferson, as unindicted co-conspirators.

The focus on Moyo intensified after her co-defendant, former state Sen. Derrick Shepherd, D-Marrero, pleaded guilty Friday to conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Shepherd, who resigned his Senate seat the same day, admitted helping Moyo access $141,000 in illegal proceeds from selling bogus construction bonds.

The indictment said William Jefferson steered Shepherd to Moyo, who wrote a $15,000 check to an unidentified company linked to Jefferson. Moyo also funneled $320,000 in four transactions to accounts belonging to a company controlled by Betty Jefferson, the indictment said.

Neither William or Betty Jefferson has been charged in the case. Both have been indicted on federal charges in unrelated cases.

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